‘Wasp Network’ Tells the Story of The Cuban Five, Who Are Still Alive Today

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After Fidel Castro took management of Cuba in 1959, U.S.-based exile teams took accountability for a number of assaults towards the Caribbean nation, together with the bombing of Cubana Flight 455 and the CIA-supported Bay of Pigs invasion. 

Due to these assaults, the Cuban authorities despatched spies to function within the U.S., which created a community often called “La Crimson Avispa” (or Wasp Community).

The Cuban 5 had been a part of the Wasp Community, and based on stories, they infiltrated quite a few Cuban-American teams together with Alpha 66, the F4 Commandos, and Brothers to the Rescue. 

After two Brothers to the Rescue aircrafts had been shot down by the Cuban army in 1996, killing 4 U.S. residents, the Clinton administration cracked down and uncovered the spy community that included the Cuban 5. 

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