What Are the Real Names of the Wu-Tang Clan’s Members? Details

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If you’re compiling a list of influential hip-hop artists that managed to break raw, specific artistry into the mainstream, you’re going to look pretty darn foolish if you leave the Wu-Tang Clan off that list.

The 10 members of the group gained massive exposure and praise with their 1993 album, “Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers).” They went on to release collective albums and solo projects throughout the years, developing distinct personalities and “brands” along the way.

But have you ever wondered what the members’ real names are?

The Wu-Tang clan’s ‘GMA’ performance is making the rounds online again.

While Good Morning America isn’t exactly synonymous with gangster rap, the group (minus O.D.B. as he passed away in 2004) made headlines in 2018 when they performed their breakout hit, “Protect Ya Neck” live on GMA after being introduced by NFL star turned mega-popular TV host Michael Strahan on the ridiculously popular morning program.

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The group’s music was also introduced to a new generation of fans thanks to Hulu’s Wu-Tang: An American Saga, a series that dramatizes the group’s rise to stardom and cultural influence. The series first debuted in Oct. 2019, and the second season was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Season 2 debuted on the popular streaming service on Sept. 8, 2021. Wu-Tang is getting a sequential rollout of new episodes, meaning that fans will have to wait to watch new episodes each week.

The show has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from both fans and critics alike. While some commenters worried about “how much ‘Hollywood spin'” is in the series, the overall consensus is that the dramatized exploits of the Wu-Tang Clan are worth the watch.

Have you checked out the series? What do you think? If you’ve got a Hulu account, you can check out new episodes of the show there. New episodes debut every Wednesday.

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