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What Danielle & Bobby Dodd From Season 7 Are Up To In 2021

Danielle Bergman And Bobby Dodd

Married At First Sight stars Danielle and Bobby Dodd are one of the sweetest couples to come out of the franchise. Find out what they’re up to now.

Danielle Bergman and Bobby Dodd are one of the best matches in Married At First Sight history. Their connection went from strength to strength week after week, and it was no surprise when they decided to stay together. Their life following the show has been incredibly fulfilling and they appear to still be happy. The couple shares a baby girl and a baby boy. Now, they continue to share their life with their followers on their respective social media accounts.

Danielle and Bobby were often lauded as the couple that did not fight during their time on Married At First Sight. While the other couples were slightly annoyed by the easy connection, it was not lost on them that these two were a perfect match. Danielle and Bobby compliment each other so well. When they did not agree, they compromised and did not sweat the small stuff. When Danielle revealed she was $15,000 in credit card debt, Bobby simply said they would work it out rather than getting angry. Danielle and Bobby are positive examples of how the process can work.

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The Dodds continue to be a fixture in the Married At First Sight universe, as they have appeared on Happily Ever After and Couples Cam. Going through Danielle and Bobby’s social media, it is apparent they made the right choice on decision day. Following their time on MAFS, Danielle and Bobby welcomed a little girl, Olivia Nicole, into their family. In 2020, Danielle announced on Instagram that she and Bobby were expecting another child, this time a baby boy. Bobby IV was born in December 2020.

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Since then, Danielle and Bobby have been focused on their growing family and their love for one another. Danielle recently pulled some pictures from her archives and penned a sweet note about their decision day. In the Instagram post, Danielle expressed her love for Bobby. Danielle said, “This was OUR decision day photo from Season 7 of Married at First Sight!” She added they knew going into the day that both of their decisions were yes, but revealed she didn’t know about one thing. “What I didn’t know is Bobby had bought an engagement ring and presented it to me while he asked me to spend forever with him!” She gushed about how they hadn’t done things traditionally and things had turned out all right for the both of them.

Danielle is also a Hello Fresh partner, and regularly posts sponsored content on her Instagram. Bobby frequently posts pictures with his children and shows off the quality time he spends with his family. All in all, the couple appear to be very happy. They are a reminder that, at the end of the day, Married At First Sight shouldn’t be about drama or ratings, but about finding the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. While recent seasons have focused on drama, it’s nice to remember couples like Bobby and Danielle and other MAFS success stories.

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Source: Danielle Dodd/Instagram, Bobby Dodd/Instagram

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