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What Fortnite’s Next Major Concert Is (& When)

Fortnite Next Concert 2021

With some heavy-hitters having lined up in the past, it seems almost inevitable that more Fortnite concerts are coming, whether sooner or later.

Epic probably didn’t have virtual concerts in mind when it started developing Fortnite, but they’ve become a semi-regular feature of the game. Travis Scott, Diplo, and Kaskade have been just a few of the names to take on Fortnite’s Party Royale stage, putting aside other events like election rallies. Epic has been silent about its upcoming Fortnite concert schedule since Kaskade’s March 26 event – which may raise questions about what, if anything, it has planned next.

Fortnite‘s first hosted concert was Marshmello, who performed in February 2019. The concept took on greater importance in 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic forced musicians to find alternate ways of performing, assuming they were able to perform at all. Virtual concerts tend to lack the interaction of real ones – but they do allow artists to build alternate realities that would be impossible on a real stage. Travis Scott, for example, became a giant towering over players in Fortnite, though his event was closer to a music video.

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There are no announced plans for more Fortnite concerts as of early May 2021. However, as reported by Eurogamer, documents published during the ongoing Epic v. Apple trial over App Store purchases reveal that Epic was once planning to host Ariana Grande in Fortnite in October 2020, followed by Lady Gaga in December. It’s not clear why the concerts were canceled – while it could be as simple as schedule conflicts, it’s also possible that either Epic or the artists were making impractical demands. Still another possibility is that as COVID-19 vaccinations loomed on the horizon, both Gaga and Grande decided to wait for the greater cash potential of live concerts. Whereas Epic is presumably paying artists flat fees for Fortnite appearances, single tickets for artists like Grande can reach into the hundreds of dollars.

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Does Fortnite Have Backups For Gaga And Grande?

Both musicians would be huge draws for Fortnite, so it may be that Epic is aiming to reschedule these particular artists at a later date. If not, the company likely has plenty of acts it could choose from that are cheaper and more in line with its concert history. Typically Epic has concentrated on EDM artists for Fortnite concerts, which may lend themselves more to streaming, a party atmosphere, and the game’s demographics.

Fortnite will probably remain a success with or without more concerts. The title regularly has millions of simultaneous players, giving it a solid lead over rivals like Apex Legends and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Regardless, as things stand, Gaga and Grande are the only clues as to how it might continue musically.

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Source: Eurogamer

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