What Happened to Donny Osmond? The Singer Had Some Health Issues

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Most people believe that celebrities have it all: fame, money, notoriety, and respect. While being a celebrity comes with its fair share of perks, they go through trials and tribulations just like everyone else. Life can humble Hollywood elites too — deaths of loved ones, family issues, money troubles, and more.

Donny Osmond gained fame by performing with The Osmonds. The group comprised Danny and his four older brothers — Jay, Merrill, Wayne, and Alan. After making strides to become a world-renowned pop legend and television host, it seems as if Donny had the world at his feet. A sudden, life-changing event made the star questioned the future of his career.

So, what happened to Donny Osmond? Keep reading to get the 4-1-1.

Donny Osmond revealed that he was temporarily paralyzed after complications from a 2019 surgery.

Per Mirror UK, Donny decided to be candid about complications arising from a 2019 back and neck surgery. While the 63-year-old maintained a great spirit, he questioned whether or not he would be able to walk again.

“I thought everything was going to be fine, but it couldn’t have been worse,” Donny told the outlet. “I got a secondary infection which meant I wasn’t able to move.”

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Donny Osmond

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Donny’s health took a turn during the final performance of his and sister Marie’s Las Vegas residency in November 2019. He told the outlet that his arms and legs went numb during their performance, but he decided to keep his condition a secret.

Marie and Donny Osmond

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“I couldn’t feel my arms, then suddenly my legs too,” Donny told the site. “I didn’t tell anyone what was happening to me … I just kept dancing and finished the show.” The singer shared that doctors revealed his spine had shifted due to previous dancing injuries and that he needed surgery on his back and neck.

Donny and Debbie Osmond

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While the surgery was a success, Donny later realized he had contracted a secondary infection that caused temporary paralysis. Luckily, he was able to start walking again over the course of several months of rehab.

In the interview, Donny credited his wife, Debbie, and his Mormon faith for helping him pull through. “She knows exactly the sort of determination that I have, and she knew I would be fine,” Donnie shared.

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Donny is performing at his first-ever solo Las Vegas residency.

Talk about a full-circle moment! Thankfully, Donny’s health issues are long behind him, and he can focus on his career again.

Per Page Six, Donny has fully recovered and is busy captivating audiences. The star is currently performing at his first-ever solo Las Vegas residency show at Harrah’s.

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Not to mention, Mirror UK shares that Donny’s new album, “Start Again,” is the first project he has co-written and produced. As you can expect, the first single is reportedly doing well on the charts.

It’s easy to think that the lifestyles of the rich and famous have no worries. But, Donny’s past condition serves as proof that celebs sometimes go through heartbreaking issues that can affect their careers and lives.

We would like to wish Donnie all the best for his present and future endeavors!

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