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What Happened To Fitz? Why He’s In A Wheelchair

Jupiters legacy what happened to Fitz

Fitz Small/Flare is in a wheelchair in the present day, but isn’t during past events in Jupiter’s Legacy. We explain what exactly happened to him .

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Jupiter’s Legacy season 1. 

Jupiter’s Legacy is paving the way for a host of new heroes to enter the live-action adaptation arena. The Netflix series is a generation-spanning story that moves back and forth between the present day and the late 1920s-early 1930s, in which the six founding members of the Union of Justice — Sheldon Sampson, Grace Kennedy, Walter Sampson, Richard Conrad, George Hutchence, and Fitz Small — first acquire their superpowers. However, unlike the majority of his team, Fitz (aka, The Flare) can no longer participate in battles against villains in the present. 

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When the audience first meets Fitz, he’s an employee of Sheldon’s who is let go after the 1929 stock market crash bankrupts the business. He’s invited to join Sheldon’s expedition to a mysterious island that ultimately gives him superhuman abilities. After attaining these powers, Fitz becomes the Flare, capable of flight, transforming himself into light, and projecting yellow energy blasts (among other things). However, Jupiter’s Legacy doesn’t spend much time with the Flare immediately after getting his powers. In the present day, Fitz is now a father to daughter Petra, who has taken on the superhero moniker of Flare II and is now a member of the Union. And, while he’s still a valued member of the team, Fitz is now paralyzed from the waist down. 

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Now in a wheelchair, he’s no longer able to participate in any of the battles against villains, though he can still use some of his powers, like energy projection. However, Jupiter’s Legacy doesn’t offer much information about Fitz’s life between the moment he obtained his powers and the present. One can look to the comics to provide some more information about what actually happened to him. As one would guess, Fitz was critically injured during a battle he fought decades prior. This injury affects his personal life, as his second wife leaves him and he goes back to his first wife. (In the series, Fitz’s marital status is unclear.) Fitz also regains his physical strength enough to go back to being a superhero in the 1960s, which isn’t the case in the series. 

It’s likely Fitz’s life-changing injury in Jupiter’s Legacy will also follow the path of the comics, though there’s an opportunity to expand upon what happened. Fitz still being in a wheelchair in the present day means his worry for Petra being out in the field is increased tenfold. After all, he’s seen and experienced first-hand how dangerous any mission can be. Petra potentially getting hurt in the same way he was weighed on his mind despite the series never addressing exactly what happened or who he was fighting when the injury occurred. 

There are glimpses of his time out in the field with the Union, but it’s unclear how his injuries were sustained, nor is it something that is discussed. It’s obvious the life-changing injury happened at some point between the past and present, but that’s a pretty wide net. Ultimately, it’s more than likely the events of Fitz’s past will be explained in further detail in a potential season 2 of Jupiter’s Legacy

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