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What Happened To Karley, Tony & Twins After Season 5

Karley 16 And Pregnant

Karley and her husband, Tony, endured a rocky road delivering their twins on 16 & Pregnant. Here’s how the family has adapted since the MTV show.

Karley Deatherage was preparing to deliver twins with her ex-husband, Tony Shipley, during her season five episode of 16 & Pregnant in 2014. While starring on the reality show, Karley and Tony struggled to have a working marriage while living in Karley’s parents’ home. In the years since being featured on 16 & Pregnant, Karley, Tony, and their children have discovered they are better off a separated family than a dysfunctional one.

MTV audiences were introduced to Karley when she was a 17-year-old straight-A high school student living in Tooele, Utah. Karley got pregnant with boyfriend Tony, a high school dropout. As the couple readied to welcome twins into their family, Karley and Tony promptly decided to get married. After their wedding, Tony moved into Karley’s home with her parents. Although the move provided a stable home for the incoming twins, Tony wasn’t satisfied sharing a home with Karley’s parents. Instead, Tony admitted he would prefer to live alone with Karley. Tony’s disinterest in living at Karley’s childhood home caused fights between the soon-to-be father of two and Karley’s mother, Syndee.

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Karley gave birth to twin daughters Amariah Dawn and Amayah Lynn Shipley on November 14, 2013. As is often the pattern for 16 & Pregnant parents, life after pregnancy proved unprecedentedly difficult for Karley and Tony to navigate. Only a few weeks after Amariah and Amayah’s births, Karley and Tony’s relationship took a turn for the worse. The last straw in the Shipleys’ marriage was Tony’s impulsive decision to buy a truck instead of a practical vehicle the whole family could use. Tony’s decision culminated in an explosive fight between Syndee and Karley’s young husband. The argument grew so volatile that Tony ultimately stormed out of Karley’s home and went back to his parents’ house. The next day, however, Tony proved his dedication to his family with Karley by returning to her parents’ home and selling the impractical truck.

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Unfortunately, Tony’s noble gesture at the end of the couple’s episode of 16 & Pregnant was not emblematic of the road ahead for the young parents. In a dramatic twist trademark to the Teen Mom franchise, Karley and Tony decided to end their marriage in 2015, only six months after their wedding. After their breakup, Karley and her twins moved back into her infamous family home, and Karley has remained single since. In a 2020 episode of the Anything But Good podcast, Karley revealed she spends all her time working or being a mother to Amariah and Amayah. Although she is no longer romantically involved with Tony, Karley is content with her family structure at the moment, as her twins can comfort one another when they split time between their divorced parents’ homes. Karley has no plans to expand her family for the time being.

Since her days as an MTV reality star, Karley has fostered a functional family life outside of the public eye. Although she and ex-husband Tony had their fair share of fights during Karley’s pregnancy, the former couple has found harmony in their separation. Fortunately for Karley, Tony, and their twins, the rocky relationships captured in 16 & Pregnant appear to be left in 2014 with Tony’s dreams of owning a truck.

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