What Happened to Rebecca Jones on ‘Chicago Fire’? Get the Tragic Details

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Unfortunately, Chicago Fire fans are constantly kept on their toes as viewers never know when characters will be killed off the rollercoaster series. The first responders of Chicago Firehouse 51 are constantly putting themselves in dangerous situations in the hopes that their heroic work will save the lives of everyday Americans.

Though some of our favorite characters have exited the show, one of the most shocking deaths in Chicago Fire occurred in Season 2. So, what happened to firefighter Rebecca Jones (Daisy Betts) in Chicago Fire? Keep reading to find out more about the character’s fate.

What happened to Rebecca Jones in ‘Chicago Fire’?

Fans were first introduced to Rebecca as a firefighter-in-training, when she was in the same training group as Gabriela Dawson (Monica Raymund). The two quickly became friends as the only women in the group, but things turned sour when Gabby caught Rebecca cheating on the written portion of the test.

Rebecca explained that the reason she cheated was to prove her father, Deputy District Chief Lionel Jones, wrong. Eventually, she completed the physical test and was stationed at Firehouse 51.

However, the new candidate found it hard to fit in with the rest of the crew. When Rebecca began to find her place at Firehouse 51, her father intervened and attempted to get her fired and put on desk duty, thinking that would be a safer position for his daughter.

When Rebecca found out about her father’s plan, she became very upset. Sadly, Rebecca’s body was found by police, with authorities telling Gabby that the firefighter died by suicide.

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Rebecca Jones 'Chicago Fire'

Source: NBC

Executive producer Matt Olmstead opened up about what pushed Rebecca to take her own life.

“There are a couple of things that we dug in on, which was this complicated relationship that she has with her dad as the chief in the fire department, never getting his approval,” he explained to TV Guide, adding that when Rebecca was a child, she was a car accident with her mother, who did not survive. “In her mind, her dad is only reminded of that whenever he sees her. So this weird sense of disapproval and disconnect with her dad trying to perhaps overcompensate, get his affections, or to rebel against what he wants for her to do.”

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Additionally, the EP explained that sometimes, a tragedy happens and “you don’t see it coming.”

“Sometimes it’s not forthcoming, so there’s bread crumbs we put down there, but also we were willing to embrace the fact that sometimes it’s just a tragic event that you may never wrap your head around,” he added.

Rebecca Jones 'Chicago Fire'

Source: NBC

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