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What Happened To Ryan Carr After Season 8

Ryan Carr in 90 Day Fiance

90 Day Fiancé fans are surprised and disturbed to find that Ryan Carr’s life after season eight has not changed much despite Stephanie’s accusations.

Fans of 90 Day Fiancé thought the ultimate end of Ryan Carr and Stephanie Davison’s relationship was playing out in real-time. Turns out, Carr and Davison had already split months before cameras even had a chance to capture the moment. The two reunited only to film season eight and now show no signs of getting back together. Once season eight ended, Davison reported Carr had allegedly sexually assaulted her, but Carr has yet to face any legal ramifications from authorities in his home country, Belize.

The 27-year-old Belize native and Stephanie Davison were in a long-distance relationship before the start of season eight. At the time, his 52-year-old partner showered Ryan with gifts and flew to Belize often to visit him. Davison even arranged a K-1 visa for him to travel to America, but things quickly fell apart once the show began filming. About midway through the season, the couple split up and Stephanie filmed the rest of the series with Ryan’s cousin, Harris. While many point to the alleged assault as a reason for their breakup, Carr hasn’t been proven guilty in any courts of law.

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Apparently, the allegations haven’t stopped some social media PR firms from hiring Carr to help increase exposure for their brands. On Ryan Carr’s Instagram, there are a few branded posts, though not nearly as many as some other 90 Day Fiancé stars. Beyond that, Ryan continues to post photos from Belize, often featuring tropical locations and bottles of alcohol. He seems perfectly content and has only addressed his appearance on 90 Day Fiancé one time on his feed.

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Since Davison made her accusations, many fans found Carr has a criminal past. This includes an incident where Carr threatened to slit the throat of an ex-girlfriend. Initially, Davison had been sending large sums of money not only to Carr, but also to his mother and the rest of his family. Carr’s family was originally described as being very religious. While Carr seems to be making some small moves with modeling gigs and branded deals, it seems like little has changed in his life since the show.

Across Carr’s social media, he has been actively posting photos of himself with family and friends. Many are unsure whether he will be making any big transitions, such as moving to the United States, but most believe he’ll probably stay put. Carr also hasn’t given fans reason to believe he’s even aware of the accusations. It may be the case that he’s trying to keep a low profile, but it also seems like he may just be unaware at this time, as he hasn’t released any kind of formal or informal statement.

Davison reportedly hired a lawyer to go after TLC for allegedly forcing her to come back and complete the filming of season eight. However, there have been no developments at this time. While Carr lost many fans, some still think he may make some kind of comeback on the series.

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Source: Instagram, In Touch Weekly

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