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What Happened When An MCU Hero Swallowed An Infinity Stone

Drax Eats Infinity Stone

Drax the Destroyer accidentally swallowed an Infinity Stone he swore to protect thinking it was actually a delicious jelly bean.

Drax the Destroyer once mistook an Infinity Stone for a jelly bean and ate it. Since the Infinity Stones were introduced in the pages of Marvel Comics, plenty of heroes have wielded them in a variety of different ways – whether it was Thanos using his Infinity Gauntlet, Vision having one embedded in his head, or an alt-version of the Mad Titan using them like a Green Lantern ring. However, one of the oddest spots an Infinity Stone ever ended up was in the stomach of Drax.

In the comics, Drax was originally introduced as a warrior hellbent on getting justice against Thanos for killing his wife and stealing his daughter away from him. Over time, Drax’s personality softened as he became closer to the character most fans are familiar with in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While the original Drax never became quite as silly as Dave Bautista’s version of the character, when he was appointed protector of an Infinity Stone (Infinity Gems in the comics), he accidentally ate it thinking it was a tasty treat.

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After the conclusion of the Infinity Gauntlet saga, the cosmic hero Adam Warlock gained control of the Infinity Stones in Infinity Watch #1 by Jim Starlin, Angel Medina, Terry Austin, Jack Morelli, and Ian Laughlin. Although, after it was determined he was unworthy to hold all the gems, he created the Infinity Watch and gave a Stone to some of his most trusted allies. Ultimately, Warlock’s Infinity Watch consists of Pip the Troll, Moondragon, Gamora, and Drax the Destroyer (the fifth stone went to Thanos in a ballsy choice for Warlock). Drax – who had suffered a debilitating brain injury that severely weakened his judgment and memory – responded by eating the Power Gem.

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Gamora, already frustrated with Warlock’s picks for the Infinity Watch, screamed out in horror as Drax swallowed the stone whole. Warlock told Gamora that it was actually safe inside Drax’s stomach since he was practically indestructible and has special physical features. So, what happened to Drax with an Infinity Stone in his stomach? He did receive an expected power upgrade, but the gem was surprisingly safe inside of him. It would stay there until Gamora kicked him so hard the gem popped out of his mouth. Drax would eventually swallow it again before Thor later punched him so hard he spit it up again.

In the end, Drax’s stomach was a perfectly suitable place to store an Infinity Stone. It was only freed from his innards twice after another strong fighter hit him so hard it came out of his mouth. It wasn’t ideal, but all things considered, Drax’s stomach is one of the safer places an Infinity Stone has ever been stored.

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