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What is Boxing Day after Christmas Eve? Let’s Find Out


What’s Boxing Day? Is it really related to the sport of boxing? Is it a post-Christmas celebration? Which countries do celebrate Boxing Day? Let’s find out everything about Boxing Day.

Boxing Day is one of the holidays in countries like Australia and Canada. Boxing Day celebrated as a secular national holiday after the day of Christmas. First, let me clear it that is not related to the sport boxing at all.

Boxing Day comes from the custom of richer members of the society, giving some surprising gifts containing money and gift as a Christmas box, which they give after the day of Christmas day. Also, some people celebrate this as the post-Christmas custom of churches placing boxes outside of their homes to gather money for sharing to less fortunate members of society in need of Christmas joyfulness. Some believe that this is Britain’s proud naval tradition when they give the packed boxes to the priest for sharing poor people as the triumphant voyage.

Nowadays, some stores use this Boxing Day for shopping offers to sell mobile phones, computers, televisions, and other electrical items for a limited period.

Boxing Day initially started centuries ago. On this day, Servants would be given the day after the Christmas holiday to take some rest. Also, some Roman invaders brought the practice to Britain back earlier, where it was taken up but the clergy to gather money in boxes for the needy. And then, the pattern followed during the Victorian era. Well, there is no British Empire nowadays, but some people are carrying the tradition as some areas like Commonwealth, including Canada, Australia, and Kenya, are celebrating as the Boxing Day.

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Well, some people celebrate the day as the rest and spend some quality time with friends and family by inviting family and friends at home and enjoy the turkey, ham, and consume the half bottles of wine which is left over by Christmas day. At the same time, many people in Britain used to celebrate the day by fox hunting in the frost-tinged countryside, but it’s been banned. Therefore, they celebrate the say by lifting from their post-Christmas torpor by the lure of low prices.

Even in the United Kingdom, it’s a bank holiday, government off, and most businesses are closed as they celebrate the day as the Boxing Day while some other countries are not considering this day as a holiday.

What about you? Are you celebrating Boxing Day? If so, then let’s know where you live and how you used to spend your day.

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