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What is Coronavirus Face ID Mask? Everything you need to know

Coronavirus Face ID Mask

Coronavirus has taken the lives of almost 2626 people around the world according to the latest reports. Governments of all the countries, WHO, and other health organizations are spreading awareness about this deadly virus. All the people are advised to wash their hands after every time they visit places or use any public property, such as elevators, buses, or anything. But the most important thing is to wear a mask all the time as Coronavirus is contagious and it can spread via the breath.

Wearing a mask for protection will not unlock you your smartphone if you have turned on Face ID lock. You should jeopardize your safety by removing the mask every time you want to unlock your mobile phone with Face ID. But recently an artist from America has shown an idea of developing a protective medical surgery mast that will work with Face ID. Yes, this coronavirus mask can unlock your Face ID lock system.

Danielle Baskin from San Francisco, CA announced about this idea on her twitter account. She said that printing the lower face of a person the mask will allow users to unlock their Apple iPhone and other smartphones with Face ID. She tweeted “Made this service that prints your face on an N95 mask, so you can protect people from viral epidemics while still being able to unlock your phone. Faceidmasks.com.”

Now you might be thinking of getting print on any mask and it will work but it won’t. Face ID technology recognizes the depth of the face to unlock the device and that’s why these face id masks, named “Resting Risk Face,” are the contoured version of your face and it will be compatible to unlock your smartphone.

All the important things you should know about coronavirus Face ID Mask

How to use Face ID mask and how does it work?

Visit website faceidmaks.com and there are three simple steps. You have to upload a photo of your face using the web app (make sure to click it in daylight). Now you can see the preview of the mask and you can make a change to it. Then your mask will be delivered to you after it’s printed.

It would be an N95 surgical mask with your lower face photo printed on it. It can be used daily and the dye of the print is non-toxic so you won’t feel any trouble in breathability.

How to unlock the phone with the mask on with Face ID Mask?

The site claims that they have tested and developed a contoured version of the mask. They will work with depth sensors of the latest Face ID sensors. In order to use this, you need to set up and add a new face in your face ID settings. So wear a mask and set the Face ID recognition system and you are ready to go. So you will be able to unlock your device with the mask on and without it as well.

What is the price of the Resting Risk Face (coronavirus Face ID) mask?

The site will sell this personalized mask at around $40 per piece. According to the official site, it is a face-recognition respirator mask that looks just like you and unlocks your smartphone and other devices with a Face ID lock system.

How to get this mask?

These masks aren’t on sale yet. You can register yourself on the site with an email address so you will be notified once they are launched.

So this everything you need to know about coronavirus mask that can unlock your smartphone with Face ID. Tell us what you think about this new idea of the artist in the comment box.

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