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What Jessica Studer Is Up To In 2021

Married at First Sight Jessica Studer wedding smile

Jessica Studer has a mellow attitude that won her fans on Married At First Sight season 10. Her personality also pleased her husband Austin Hurd.

Jessica Studer and Austin Hurd from Married At First Sight are celebrating two years of marriage this year, and we’re about to let fans of the show know what she’s been doing this year. Two years of wedded bliss is a milestone that most MAFS couples don’t reach, but viewers are glad this sweet couple is making it work. Besides working on her marriage, Jessica Studer has had a busy and exciting 2021. She’s been excelling at her job and spending more time in front of cameras.

Studer and Hurd are the last Married at First Sight season 10 couple to stay together. During her season, only two of the five couples chose to stay married on decision day. Along with Studer and Hurd, Katie Conrad and Derek Sherman chose to stick it out, but they later divorced. Sherman accused Conrad of cheating with her ex. Conrad now has a fiancê named Brandon Eaves. Thankfully, Studer and Hurd seem to understand how much work it takes to have a successful, happy marriage, and both of them are putting in the effort.

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In 2021, Studer and Hurd appeared on Couple’s Cam to give fans an update on their lives. They talked about adjusting to living together while dealing with the extra challenge of quarantine. Studer, who is a nurse, had to work long hours due to the pandemic. Studer said she had to adjust to coming home after a long shift and finding Hurd still wearing his pajamas. He could wear pajamas all day because he was working from home. Quarantine reportedly shut down MAFS production and interfered with one couples’ relationship. Studer said that when she needed some alone time, she would go for a run with her twin sister. See the couple at Easter below:

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Studer has shared many announcements on her Instagram, @jessica_studer2. Early in 2021, Studer received a promotion in her job. She was promoted from Patient Care Manager to Nursing Director at the Washington D.C. hospital where she works. She and Hurd adopted a dog and also took a big step in their relationship by buying their first home together. As perfect as everything seems, Studer has corrected people who say that her marriage is perfect. These snapshots of the good times don’t show the disagreements, compromises, and flat-out hard work that is required to make a marriage last, like season 1’s Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner have.

Studer may have found her husband in a non-traditional way, but she has made it work and is now building a great life for herself. Fans are rooting for Studer and Hurd and hope their marriage will last. The couple seems to be building a solid foundation for their marriage. While that is something that most couples do before becoming engaged, this Married at First Sight couple is making it work in another way.

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