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What Ocarina Of Time’s Temple Of Light Dungeon Could’ve Been Like

Zelda What Ocarina of Times Temple Of Light Could Have Been Like

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time had a dungeon for every Sage, but Rauru’s Temple of Light was in the Sacred Realm. What could it’ve looked like?

Released back in 1998, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time still remains a masterpiece today. Its gameplay was revolutionary for the time, and its narrative is still emotionally gripping. Link removing the Master Sword from its pedestal in the Temple of Time, in particular, is an iconic scene in gaming history. What follows is adult Link’s journey to awaken five ancient Sages and use their combined might with Rauru, the Sage of Light, to defeat Ganondorf. Link must enter five temples across Hyrule to do this, but what if there were a sixth Ocarina of Time dungeon in the Temple of Light?

When Link draws the sword, it opens the seal on the Sacred Realm, a sort of mystical plane that houses the Temple of Light and the Triforce. Link wakes up in the temple’s Chamber of Sages seven years later, where Rauru explains Link’s unsealing allowed Ganondorf to enter the Sacred Realm and steal the Triforce of Power. Now, the Chamber of Sages is the last stronghold against Ganondorf’s corruption of the realm.

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In order to have the Temple of Light as a playable Zelda dungeon, the entire story of Ocarina of Time would have to be rearranged. It would probably fit best as the final temple before Ganon’s Castle. Perhaps Rauru could no longer hold off Ganondorf’s monsters, so the Chamber of Sages fell to the King of Evil. Link would have to make one last journey into the corrupted Sacred Realm to save the Sage of Light.

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What A Temple Of Light Could’ve Looked Like In Ocarina Of Time

A corrupted area of the Sacred Realm could have been a very interesting dungeon locale for Ocarina of Time. The influence of Ganondorf’s evil power is seen all throughout Hyrule – in the monsters that have overrun Kokiri Forest and in Lake Hylia being drained of water. Seeing the Chamber of Sages (and more of the Temple of Light) all but destroyed by Ganondorf would have been one final, sinister reminder of his might.

As the Temple of Light, the puzzles could have made further use of The Legend of Zelda‘s Mirror Shield, which only had a brief stint in Ocarina of Time‘s Spirit Temple. The Mirror Shield could have harnessed Rauru’s power to banish the corrupting evil of Ganondorf, a move that would have served as a prelude to the Sages’ power being used to construct the bridge to Ganondorf’s Castle. A sensible boss could have been some shadow form of Ganondorf himself, though Phantom Ganon was already the Forest Temple’s boss; perhaps this one could be a darker, more ghostly Ganondorf constructed of pure evil energy. Wind Waker did use the Phantom Ganon boss twice, so it’s not unheard of.

While it’s fun to think about a Temple of Light dungeon in Ocarina of Time, it’s probably for the best that Rauru was relegated to the role he ended up with. The Sacred Realm has mostly been kept mysterious throughout the series, and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time already has plenty of great dungeons. Still, a Temple of Light could have been used to dramatically increase the tension before Link confronts Ganondorf in his castle.

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