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What The Last 10 Winners Have Been Up To After The Show

Paul Abrahamian and Nicole Franzel on Big Brother 18 finale

Big Brother winners change their lives forever after bringing home the $500,000 grand prize at the end of a grueling summer inside the house. The sleepless nights, competitions wins (and losses), dreaded slop diets and everything in between are well worth it when they finally get to walk out of the house to confetti and, of course, the Big Brother cash prize. But what have the last 10 winners been up to since become $500,000 richer?

Hayden Moss (Big Brother 12)

Hayden Moss won Big Brother 12 a decade ago after setting up the dominant The Brigade alliance alongside Enzo Palumbo and Lane Elenburg. Since becoming a half a million dollars richer, Hayden has kept quite busy despite not being overly active on social media like most past winners. In fact, unlike most Big Brother houseguests, his Instagram account is actually set to private. In the years that followed BB12, Hayden went on to compete on Survivor, where he came in sixth place overall. In the summer of 2020, some fans had speculated that Hayden would be returning for the All-Stars season due to his impressive gameplay during season 12. However, they were ultimately left disappointed by his absence on the special edition.

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Rachel Reilly (Big Brother 13)

With no surprise to longtime Big Brother fans, Rachel Reilly has managed to stay in the spotlight since winning the show in 2011. Rachel and her showmance Brendon Villegas got married in 2012. They have since had two kids together, welcoming their second child just recently in late 2020. In fact, Rachel’s pregnancy was the reason why she was not a part of the All-Stars season in 2020. Overall, producers felt that it would be potentially dangerous for her to go through so many physically-grueling competitions. Now, Rachel, Brendon, and their two kids are packing their bags as they set out to travel the country this summer for their new show I Love the Brenchels – Moving On.

Ian Terry (Big Brother 14)

Ian Terry was only 21 years old when he won Big Brother 13, making him one of the youngest winners in the history of the show. He used his grand prize money to pay off his student loan debt, which accumulated to nearly $80,000. He also bought himself a car before reportedly putting the rest of the money away in a savings account. Ian mostly stayed out of the spotlight for quite some time, until he made his return to the Big Brother house for the All-Stars season last summer. Although he did not win the game for a second time, Ian was at peace with his loss. He has since created both a Twitch and Cameo account to interact with his fans more frequently. According to his Instagram account, Ian works as a consultant in Houston, Texas.

Andy Herren (Big Brother 15)

According to his Twitter profile, Andy Herren currently resides in Chicago, Illinois. Since winning Big Brother 15, Andy has been extremely active on social media, growing large to a rather large following on both Instagram and Twitter. His quirky and funny personality has shined on both platforms. Aside from posting comical content, Andy has also been quite open about about social injustices. Andy has also remained friends with some of his fellow BB alumni, and even attended Amanda Zuckerman’s bachelorette party back in 2018.

Derrick Levasseur (Big Brother 16)

Derrick Levasseur used his Big Brother 16 prize money to grow his family, as he and his wife now have two daughters together. Since his time on the show, Derrick has retired from his position as a law enforcement detective. He wrote a book, “The Undercover Edge,” started a crime related podcast, and founded a private investigations and consulting firm. Derrick and BB16 runner up, Cody Calafiore, are still good friends.

Steve Moses (Big Brother 17)

Steve Moses has lived a pretty low-key lifestyle since winning Big Brother 17. According to his Twitter account, Steve currently resides in Orlando, Florida. At the moment, Steve owns a small business in senior care. While the details surroduning his business are vague, Steve’s work primarily takes place inside hospitals, nursing homes, and senior living communities.

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Nicole Franzel (Season 18)

Nicole Franzel won Big Brother 18 after first being introduced to the fans on BB16. Four years later, she came close to becoming the first two-time winner on the show by competing on Big Brother 22: All-Stars. However, Nicole ultimately ended up being the last person eliminated from BB22. Since then, Nicole has gotten married to fellow Big Brother 18 alum Victor Arroyo. After postponing their wedding due to the pandemic, Nicole and Victor tied the knot in Florida back in March. The couple is currently anticipating the arrival of their first baby together.

Josh Martinez (Big Brother 19)

Now also known as a contestant on The Challenge, Josh Martinez won Big Brother 19. Josh was planning on returning to Big Brother for the All-Stars held in 2020, but just days before the premiere, he reportedly tested positive for COVID-19 while in sequester for the show. This resulted in him no longer being allowed to compete. Because of this turn in events, Josh ultimately ended up competing on The Challenge instead.

Kaycee Clark (Big Brother 20)

Big Brother 20 winner Kaycee Clark continued on in the world of reality TV following her win in 2018. Similar to many Big Brother former houseguests, Kaycee went on to compete on The Challenge alongside fellow BB alumni Fessy Shafaat and Josh Martinez. Kaycee also grew her Instagram following, teaming up with brands such as Budlight and the skincare company Tula.

Jackson Michie (Big Brother 21)

Controversial Big Brother 21 winner Jackson Michie appears to be working to better himself since his time on the show. Following the end of BB21, Jackson and his showmance girlfriend Holly Allen moved in together. However, they later called it quits on their relationship. Since then, Jackson has been focusing on his mental and physical health. Nearly two years after his win, Jackson opened up about his years of substance abuse that led up to his casting on Big Brother.

Cody Calafiore (Big Brother 22)

BB 22 Cody Calafiore

The most recent winner of the show was Cody Calafiore, who has been keeping things pretty low-key since his win. After leaving the Big Brother 22: All-Stars house last summer, Cody headed home to his girlfriend Christi. He and Christi have used some of his earnings to move into a new apartment together. Cody has also been keeping up with fans during his weekly live Twitch videos. Not long after winning the season, Cody admitted that he plans to save some money to grow his family.

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