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What Tom D’Agostino Has Been Up To Lately

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Tom D’Agostino made a reputation for himself as a two-timing ladies man, but it seems his life is on the mend since his 2017 divorce.

Tom D’Agostino from The Real Housewives of New York is a 5’11” Palm Beach millionaire with a shiny, bald head and a taste for Upper East Side singles. While initially gaining notoriety for marrying Luann de Lesseps, D’Agostino is making strides to distance himself from his highly publicized Bravo television past. Season eight and nine of RHONY very much revolved around D’Agostino’s debated two to seven dates with Ramona Singer, longstanding friends-with-benefits encounters with Sonia Morgan, and, last but not least, his fleeting marriage with de Lesseps. The RHONY did their best to support de Lesseps and her newfound happiness while bringing up some crucial questions early and often.

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We first got a glimpse of D’Agostino’s flirty ways at the engagement yacht party that Carol Radziwill understandably wouldn’t miss. While initially Tom admitted to minimal contact with Morgan and Singer, by the end of the season, it was clear Morgan had a more complex and intimate past with D’Agostino than he or de Lesseps was willing to admit. Ultimately, Tom’s cheating antics unraveled, and de Lesseps and D’Agostino were married and divorced within eight months. In season 10, Bethenny Frankel got her “you’re right” moment for her birthday, and de Lesseps admitted D’Agostino was insecure and needed his bachelor life to fill the void.

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Outside RHONY, D’Agostino seeks to characterize himself as a successful businessman. He got his start with Workflow and Hano Document Printers before starting his own company, Smart Source, a brand management BPO and technology provider, in 2003. While Frankel, and likely many audience members, suspected D’Agostino was attaching himself to Upper East Side moguls in the hopes of fattening his checkbook, it seems the CEO is more than alright on his own, even if he is clearly over-indulgent.

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After a post-divorce police altercation with de Lesseps, the housewife is finally free from parole, and D’Agostino claims to be better than ever with interior decorator Danielle Rollins at his side. The two have been dating since February 2021 and have been seen aboard several boats, meeting each other’s friends at dinner parties, and sporting matching sun hats. All seems smooth sailing for the happy couple, and only time will tell if D’Agostino finally found something that’ll stick. Rollin’s sizable earnings might raise a few eyebrows, causing fans to wonder if D’Agostino is just up to the same old tricks.

Still, D’Agostino’s net worth significantly outweighs Rollins’ by a good measure after her messy split from her Orkin pest control exec ex. Regardless of how things play out for the new love birds, de Lesseps is a hundred percent focused on her sobriety, thriving cabaret show, dating life, and ongoing reign as countess of The Real Housewives of New York As for Singer and Morgan, D’Agustino’s relevance to anything seemed to be in the rearview since yacht-gate and beyond.

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