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What’s going on with Southwest Airlines? Several flights delayed

One airport reported that the Southwest delays were due to a nationwide network issue.

Southwest Airlines flights across the U.S. appeared to be delayed Monday night, based on social media posts and responses by the airline on Twitter.

Hollywood Burbank Airport also tweeted that Southwest had “suspended all departures from Hollywood Burbank Airport due to <nationwide> network issues.” A spokesman for Sea-Tac Airport near Seattle said about an hour later that the computer issues had been resolved and that fights at Sea-Tac would be taking off soon.

A request for comment to Southwest Airlines about what was causing the problem was not immediately returned.

“Love the fact that my Southwest flight, along with every other Southwest flight in the country, is delayed and grounded not because of bad weather… but because their system to see weather is down,” wrote Jake Olson.

“We understand delays are frustrating, and we apologize for tonight’s irregular operations. We’re working hard to get you going again ASAP,” Southwest responded.

Some passengers indicated they were told it had something to do with a weather reporting system.

“So @SouthwestAir‘s weather system is down and as a result their entire fleet is grounded due to a requirement that they have a printed weather report before takeoff. >1hr on the tarmac in a heat wave because of software is even less fun than most software-created problems. Neat,” tweeted Justin Searls.

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