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What’s the 25th Amendment and can the Vice President invoke it?

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The vice chairman would wish the help of over half the cupboard and would then want approval of two-thirds of each chambers of Congress.

Following a violent riot on the U.S. Capitol involving supporters of President Donald Trump, some politicians have known as for the impeachment of the outgoing president. Others have known as for Vice President Mike Pence to make use of the 25th Modification to take away Trump from energy.

A vice chairman has by no means executed that earlier than, so what’s Pence’s authority right here?


Can the Vice President invoke the 25th Modification to take away the president from energy?


Sure, however he wants approval from half the president’s cupboard to take action. Then, within the scenario the place the president challenges the elimination, he wants each chambers of Congress to approve it.


The textual content of the 25th Modification makes it clear that there are two methods to invoke the 25th Modification: by the president’s request or by motion of the vice chairman and the Cupboard.

It says, “At any time when the Vice President and a majority of both the principal officers of the manager departments or of such different physique as Congress could by legislation present, transmit to the President professional tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the Home of Representatives their written declaration that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his workplace, the Vice President shall instantly assume the powers and duties of the workplace as Performing President.”

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Primarily, meaning the vice chairman and over half of the president’s cupboard should conform to take away the president from energy and promote the vice chairman to performing president. Then, they have to submit discover to Congress after which the vice chairman takes over.

However the course of doesn’t finish there. 

The president can problem his elimination, after which Congress will get a number of weeks to vote upon it. Two-thirds of each chambers should approve of the president’s elimination for the vice chairman to stay performing president.

In response to the Congressional Analysis Service, there have been solely three cases by which the 25th Modification has been invoked, and each instances had been by the president’s request. 

In 1985, President Reagan made George H.W. Bush Performing President in a letter previous to a surgical procedure by which it was obligatory for him to go beneath anesthesia. Reagan’s letter didn’t particularly point out the 25th Modification by title.

President George W. Bush briefly gave up the reigns of the presidency in each 2002 and 2007 for routine colonoscopies that equally required anesthetics. Bush returned to the presidency after two hours in each cases. Each instances Bush particularly invoked the 25th Modification.

By no means has a vice chairman compelled a president out of workplace by use of the 25th Modification.

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