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WhatsApp Dark Mode on Android: Here’s How to Enable/Disable It

WhatsApp Dark Mode on Android

Since Apple’s iOS 13 launched with the most anticipated Dark Mode feature, every other smartphone makers and app developers started adding the Dark or Night mode to the app and device. After Instagram and Facebook, people were waiting for the Dark Mode in WhatsApp Android.

After spending a few months, WhatsApp has finally rolled out Dark Mode on Android. So once you activate Dark Mode in WhatsApp, you will get a dark green theme to the entire interface of the app and enjoy the most waiting dark mode on WhatsApp Android. We must also tell you that the Dark Mode in WhatsApp Android is still not available for all users around the world as they just added up to the WhatsApp Beta version 2.20.13 update on Android.

If you are the WhatsApp Beta tester and wondering how it works and how to active Dark Mode in WhatsApp on Android device, then you can follow this guide to enable it. But make sure that you have installed the WhatsApp v2.20.13 on your Android phone to use this new Dark Theme feature in WhatsApp on Android.

How To Turn ON/OFF Dark Mode in WhatsApp On Android

If you are already a beta tester, then you will get a notification of the latest version. But if you are new, then you can visit the Google Play Store and download the latest WhatsApp Beta on your Android device to test the new Dark Mode feature.

Step #1: Installed latest WhatsApp beta on your Android and launch the app.

Step #2: Next, tap on the three-dot menu at the right top corner of the app and then select Settings from the menu.

Step #3: In the Settings page, tap on Chats.


Step #4: Once you tap the Theme, you will get a small window to choose either from System default, Light and Dark mode. So select Dark if you want to enable WhatsApp Dark Mode and enjoy the dark mode. There is also System Default option to set automatically switch between dark and light mode.

That’s it! When you activate Dark Mode in WhatsApp on your Android phone, it will turn the home screen and all settings menu into the dark even your char interface, chat bubbles and app background. Well, when you turn on WhatsApp Dark Mode, it will reduce strain from your eyes as well as save some battery life.

Once after using this Dark Mode function in WhatsApp on your Android phone, please do not forget to share your feedback with us in the comment box.

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