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Although Version 1.6 is still a month away, sign ups for the Genshin Impact 1.7 beta test are now open. Here’s where and how to sign up.

Although Version 1.6 of Genshin Impact is still a month away, sign ups for Version 1.7’s presumed beta test are now open. Thus far, miHoYo isn’t officially referring to the upcoming content as Version 1.7 yet, but this makes the next logical step in terms of updates. For fans interested in joining, here’s everything to know about where and how to sign up for Genshin Impact’s next beta test.

The latest update for the 1.5 content only just recently went live, introducing a new Eula Banner and a Wish for the Song of Broken Pines weapon. The update will also include a number of events of the next few weeks to finish out the 1.5 content before Version 1.6 releases in June. Now, however, miHoYo is already hosting a new beta for what’s expected to be Version 1.7 of the popular free-to-play RPG.

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This time around, the sign up process is slightly different. miHoYo announced a beta for Genshin Impact‘s next update on its official Discord server earlier this week. Previous beta sign ups were done via a Google form, as with Genshin Impact‘s 1.6 beta, but the presumed 1.7 content needs to be accessed differently. Instead, players will need to sign up via HoYoLAB, the official fan forums for miHoYo’s games.

How To Sign Up For The Genshin Impact 1.7 Beta Test

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To start, users will need a HoYoLAB account to sign in. The beta form can then be accessed directly from miHoYo. As usual, fans will have to sign a non-disclosure agreement if they get selected to participate. However, given how popular Genshin Impact is, the chances of being selected are still pretty slim. It’s a great way to see content early, though, so plenty of people will likely be signing up.

Despite NDAs, leaks from Genshin Impact‘s 1.6 beta and the previous 1.5 beta surfaced online. So, it’s highly likely that leaks from the 1.7 beta will appear, too. Beyond a few fan expections – like a playable Baizhu and the new Dendro element – there’s not a lot known about where Genshin Impact will go after the 1.6 update. And since miHoYo has so far not called the next update 1.7, and is handling the beta test differently, it’s certainly possible the RPG is moving into 2.0 territory now.

Until miHoYo officially confirms the name of the update, there’s no way to know for sure. For now, it seems like the 1.7 beta test will be held soon, as sign ups have only just started. For fans eager to see what Genshin Impact will have to offer in the future, signing up for the new beta is a great way to get an early glimpse.

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