Where Is Lauren Salzman, NXIVM Co-Founder Nancy Salzman’s Daughter Today?

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Lauren first met Keith when she was 21 in 1998 they usually started a sexual relationship in 2001, which continued in secret till she joined DOS round eight years later. Whereas she was in DOS, Lauren testified in courtroom that Keith was her grasp and that she “revered him, and trusted him and … wished to be like him.”

Her position inside DOS was that of a “grasp” who recruited different “slaves,” and at one level Lauren had 22 individuals reporting on to her, together with Sarah from whom we hear in The Vow. As she rose throughout the ranks of DOS, Lauren stated that Keith allowed her to have intercourse with different ladies that he was having intercourse with throughout the group, however when she got here to him asking for permission to sleep with one other man, he stated no. 

Keith informed her that if she stayed with him, he would recommit to her and have a toddler along with her, however each time Lauren dedicated an “moral breach,” like leaping on one other man in celebration of a volleyball win, Keith would get offended and query whether or not he wished to have a toddler with somebody so “disrespectful.”

Regardless of how Keith handled her, Lauren remained loyal to him for a few years. She participated in taking bare group photographs for Keith, avoided masturbation, and religiously maintained her strict 1,500-calorie weight loss plan.

Lauren additionally testified that in 2010 she helped Keith maintain a girl of Mexican nationality confined to a room for the “moral breach” of falling in love with one other man. Lauren testified that she was underneath the impression the girl could be saved within the room for a couple of days however her “keep” truly lasted 18 to 24 months. 

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Lauren additionally admitted to threatening the girl with deportation if she continued to disobey Keith’s orders.

Ultimately, Lauren testified that seeing Keith come out of the walk-in closet the place he was hiding as Mexican authorities held weapons to her personal head put all of it in perspective. As she stated on the stand, “It by no means even crossed my thoughts that I’d select Keith and Keith would select Keith.”

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