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Where to find SHADOW Safe Houses for Fortnite Season 2 challenges?

SHADOW Safe Houses for Fortnite Season 2 challenges

Since the release of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2, every game Fortnite fan is going gaga every week as the game has different challenges and rewards. Now we are in week 2 of season 2 with a new set of challenges to complete. 

The week 2of season 2 comes with the second wave of Brutus’s Briefing challenges. Most the challenges are tie into this season’s spy theme and every two weeks the focus of the challenges will changes as we can say that in week 3 and 4, the TNTina will play the major role at the time.

To face these challenges, the primary thing you should do is find Shadow Safehouses in Fortnite. Therefore, we have come to show you some areas and guide you how you can find Shadow Sade house in Fortnite game to complete your season challenges. 

So if you are on the quest of finding the Shadow Safe House on the Fortnite Island, then check out these guides:

Fortnite Safe House Locations Guide

There are a total of five different Shadow Safe Houses in the map where you can go for the hunt and visit them to earn a completion. So you need to make sure of which location you want to go, either land at or venture. But before that, you need to find out where each Shadow Safe House located. 

  • Brick building north/northeast of Holly Hedges.
  • A Port-A-Potty just outside Pleasant Park.
  • The Radio Tower southeast of Craggy Cliffs.
  • A Port-A-Potty in a Frenzy Farms brick building
  • Building on the middle island of Lazy Lake.
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Well, these are the exact safe houses on Fortnite Island. But these are inconspicuous appearance as they look simply like normal buildings from the outside, but you will know everything once you enter the house and you will see some swarming with AI henchmen.

There is no doubt that once you enter in the Safe House, your mission will get completed and you will get receive 40,000 XP to your Battle Pass once you’re done. But entering the Shadow Safehouse is not easy as not each one is protected by henchmen. So you will have to fight against other players who are also ready to hunt you down. So it’s better to go with some heavy arms, good weapons, and ammo. 

We are still in the second week of the second season 2 of Fortnite chapter 2, many more to come. So be ready to face more challenges. If you have anything to share about the new challenges and Shadow Safe houses, then please do share your thoughts in the comment box.

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