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Where to Find Wrex’s Family Armor in Mass Effect

Mass Effect Wrex Virmire Standoff

Wrex has a hidden personal mission that makes him loyal to Shepard on completion. Shepard must help Wrex find and retrieve his family’s armor.

Several of the alien companions in Mass Effect have Personal Assignments they may request of Shepard as the Commander shows interest in getting to know them personally. Similar to the Loyalty missions in Mass Effect 2, these personal assignments helps Shepard secure the loyalty of their squad. After recruiting all three on the Citadel, Shepard can converse with Tali’Zorah, Garrus, and Wrex, asking them questions to get to know them better. Over time, they may open up about past experiences and request help from Shepard. If Shepard asks Wrex about his family and gets to know him between the main missions in Mass Effect, he will eventually talk about his family’s ceremonial armor, which was stolen by pirates during the Krogan Rebellions.

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Shepard can help Wrex find and recover the armor as a side mission in Mass Effect. If they complete this mission, Shepard earns Wrex’s trust and Loyalty. This becomes especially important on Virmire, as a loyal Wrex can always be persuaded to stand down and trust Shepard’s judgement when it comes to destroying not only Saren’s base, but also the potential genophage cure inside. Here’s how to find and recover Wrex’s family’s armor in Mass Effect.

Find Wrex’s Family Armor on Tuntau in Mass Effect

Urdnot Wrex from the Mass Effect trilogy

When Wrex tells Shepard about this assignment on the Normandy in Mass Effect, he mentions he wanted to search for the turian profiteer Tonn Actus, who he suspects has his family’s armor. His best lead is the planet Tuntau, found in the Phoenix System of the Argus Rho cluster. When he talks to Shepard about it, Wrex will request to be part of the squad if and when they go to retrieve it. Shepard is not required to bring Wrex, but it is a good idea for unique dialogue and plot purposes.

It is also possible to stumble across Tuntau, the secret structure, and the armor entirely by accident while exploring, even before Wrex tells Shepard about it. In this case, Shepard should still speak to Wrex after obtaining the armor if he was not part of the squad that found it. They will still gain his Loyalty, though they may miss some special dialogue from him.

When the squad reaches Tuntau, they will need to find a hidden structure that serves as Tonn Actus’ base. Players can find it directly south of where the Mako drops, built into the side of a moderate-sized crater. They will face two Pirate Snipers and a Pirate defending the base, and they can choose to use the Mako’s guns to take them down or hop out and defeat these on foot for more XP.

Wrex gets in Shepard's face on Virmire in Mass Effect

Once inside the base, Shepard and their squad will fight through a small army of Pirates in a sort of warehouse environment. It is usually a good idea to save just before being noticed by enemies, as this fight can be as long as it is difficult. The Pirates move in and out of cover frequently, and many of them have and use the Immunity ability which will prevent Shepard’s team from chipping away at their health for a short time. It also allows the Pirates to flank and rush Shepard and their squad, which makes them rather dangerous.

To be successful in combat, players should keep their squad close to cover near the door to make it more difficult for the pirates to get behind their ranks or rush them. They will need to move around the boxes for cover and to reach their targets but should always be mindful of what’s behind them. They can also use Overload or Sabotage to take advantage of fuel tanks around the room. There is one near Tonn Actus’ starting location, and using Override to detonate it will usually kill the pirate on the spot.

Once the room has been cleared, Shepard can find a door on the far side from the entrance that leads to some stairs. At the top of the stairs in the next room, they should go left to find a room containing tons of loot and a safe to decrypt. Shepard will need to decrypt the safe manually or using omni-gel, so it may be a good idea to bring a squadmate like Tali with a higher score in decryption to improve the chances of unlocking it.

Urdnot Wrex confrontation on the Citadel in Mass Effect 3

If Wrex is in the squad when Shepard unlocks the safe, he has some unique dialogue. If not, Shepard should talk to Wrex following this mission to give him his family’s armor. Either way, the mission will register as complete when players unlock the safe.

As long as players complete this mission ahead of the famous Mass Effect mission Virmire: Assault, Shepard will be able to save Wrex by convincing him to stand down. They should be able to use the dialogue options, I wouldn’t do this otherwise or We are to calm him down. They may also still be able to use the Charm or Intimidate route as well, if preferred.

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Mass Effect: Legendary Edition launches May 14 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, with forward compatibility on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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