Where Was ‘The Circle’ Filmed? Plus, Is the Netflix Original Fake?

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Because all seasons of the show appear to take place in the same swanky apartment building — which apparently just has a ton of vacant apartments for the contestants to reside in — viewers wonder just where this building is located (especially considering how hard it is to find a spacious one-bedroom apartment in basically every American city).

The Circle shows images of Chicago’s skyline throughout the series, leading many to believe that’s where the show is shot. But, that’s nowhere close to the show’s real filming location. The Circle was shot in an apartment complex in Manchester, England, Ava and Chanel Capra confirmed to Distractify. According to Decider, The U.K. version of the show was also apparently shot there.

Everyone who was a contestant needed to complete a two-week quarantine before filming began, even though the contestants are isolated in their own apartments for most of the show and have little to no contact with the others.

“The fact that we survived quarantine together,” Chanel laughed. “That’s how we knew we could do [The Circle].”

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