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Where Will Elizabeth ii Be Buried? Will The She Be Buried Along

Where Will Elizabeth ii Be Buried

When the time comes, we tell you where the Queen will rest in peace. We royalists would instead not consider this possibility. Many people have speculated about the future of the British monarchy after the reign of Queen Elizabeth II because of the Queen’s “sincere wishes” for Camilla to be Queen Consort(opens in new tab) when her son rules.

While we are aware of elaborate preparations for the moment the Queen passes away(opens in a new window), there is still the subject of her funeral and burial to be resolved. Furthermore, many devoted followers are curious as to the final resting place of Britain’s longest-reigning monarch. Since she was a queen and a member of the royal line of succession (opens in new tab), she will likely be laid to rest in a particular site together with other former monarchs.

Where is the Queen to be laid to rest?

The King George VI Memorial Chapel is where Queen Elizabeth II will rest after her passing. Constructed in the North Quire aisle of St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle in honor of the late King George VI, the Queen’s father, it is a memorial to him.

Together with their mother, the Queen Mother and their sister, Princess Margaret, Her Majesty will be laid to rest. Following his death in February 1952, King George VI’s casket was initially stored in the Royal Vault. This was moved to the chapel after its completion on March 26, 1969.

The Queen’s father, a founder member of the royal firm, is honored by a memorial chapel that bears his name. As a result, a plaque depicting the head of George VI is affixed to the wall directly above the engraved stone that serves as his burial.

Where Will Elizabeth ii Be Buried

In 2002, Princess Margaret, the Queen’s sister, became a member of the memorial chapel. However, rather than being buried in a grave, her ashes will be interred with those of her parents. Because the late Countess of Snowdon decided to be cremated rather than buried.

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Will The Queen Be Buried Alongside Prince Philip?

There is no doubt that Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip will share the same last resting place. On April 17, 2021, Prince Philip’s body was moved to the Royal Vault at Windsor Castle to be laid to rest there in an interim manner. However, after the Queen passes away, his casket will be transferred to the memorial chapel of King George VI so that he can be buried alongside his wife.

Because the Queen and Prince Philip have been married for more than 73 years, it is only natural to assume they will spend the rest of their lives together. The Queen referred to her late husband, Prince Philip, as her “strength and stay” at the time of his passing and the funeral for Prince Philip. The Royal Vault is the final resting place of various British monarchs, including King George III, IV, and V. Prince Philip will have plenty of royal company when laid there. If you want more information about Queen Elizabeth ii Die, click this link, Queen Elizabeth.

Where Will Elizabeth ii Be Buried
Where Will Elizabeth ii Be Buried

After his mother, Princess Alice of Battenberg, passed away in 1969. She was also interred in the royal crypt on an interim basis. Even though she was relocated to the Church of Mary Magdalene in Jerusalem in 1988 after her death, it would appear that this is where she wanted to be laid to rest.

What Exactly Is The Royal Vault And Who Is Interred There?

  1. Princess Amelia, daughter of George III – 1810)
  2. Princess Augusta, Duchess of Brunswick, sister of George III – 1813
  3. Stillborn son of Princess Charlotte – 1817
  4. Princess Charlotte, daughter of George IV – 1817
  5. Queen Charlotte, wife of George III – 1818
  6. Prince Edward, Duke of Kent, father of Queen Victoria – 1820
  7. King George III – 1820
  8. Prince Alfred, son of George III – died in 1782, placed in a vault in 1820
  9. Prince Octavius, son of George III – died in 1783 and was placed in a vault in 1820
  10. Princess Elizabeth, daughter of William IV – 1821
  11. Prince Frederick, Duke of York – 1827
  12. King George IV – 1830
  13. Still-born daughter of Prince Ernest Augustus, son of George III – 1818)
  14. King William IV – 1837
  15. Princess Sophia, daughter of George III – 1840
  16. Queen Adelaide, wife of William IV – 1849
  17. Prince Frederick of Schleswig-Holstein, son of Princess Christian – 1876
  18. King George V of Hanover – 1878
  19. Victoria von Pawel Rammingen, daughter of Princess Frederica of Hanover – 1881
  20. Princess Mary Adelaide, Duchess of Teck, mother of Queen Mary – 1897
  21. Prince Francis, Duke of Teck, father of Queen Mary – 1900
  22. Princess Frederika of Hanover – 1926
  23. Prince Adolphus, Duke of Cambridge, grandfather of Queen Mary – died 1850, placed in vault 1930
  24. Princess Augusta, Duchess of Cambridge, grandmother of Queen Mary – died 1889, placed in vault 1930
  25. Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, husband of Queen Elizabeth II – 2021
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Windsor Castle’s Royal Vault is a crypt beneath St. George’s Chapel. It is over 200 years old, commissioned by King George III in 1804 and is now the most prominent burial place for British monarchs after Westminster Abbey. Twenty-five members of the Royal Family have been laid to rest there.

The Vault’s Interior

The vault is a stone-lined area with coffin-holding wall shelves. In the past, royals would visit the modest shrine at the far end to ponder and pay homage to their departed loved ones. In this case, Prince Philip, the latest arrival, is placed on a pedestal outside the entrance to the crypt before being carried to their final resting place.

Where Will Elizabeth ii Be Buried
Where Will Elizabeth ii Be Buried


However, the royal vault isn’t the last resting place for all royals. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert are buried in a mausoleum she constructed at Frogmore in Windsor Great Park. They are buried in the Royal Burial Ground at Frogmore, along with the Duke of Windsor and Wallis Simpson.

Lady Glenconner, a former lady-in-waiting to Princess Margaret, claims that the monarch did not wish for her final resting place to be Frogmore. Per The Scotsman, she claimed, “She informed me that she found Frogmore quite dark” (opens in new tab). King George VI’s daughter Margaret preferred to pay her respects to him at St. George’s Chapel.

Westminster Abbey

Kings and queens used to be laid to rest in London’s Westminster Abbey before the construction of the vault. Since King George II’s reign ended in 1760, 16 English monarchs have called this place home. His son, George III, constructed the royal crypt at Windsor partly because of a lack of available burial plots.

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Where Will Elizabeth ii Be Buried
Where Will Elizabeth ii Be Buried

What Type Of Coffins Will The Queen Be buried In?

They say the Queen will be laid to rest in a lead-lined casket. To keep the body fresh for a more extended period, members of the royal family traditionally choose this option, as it is airtight and prevents moisture from entering the body. Given that the Queen’s casket will likely be on public display after her death, logistics like these must be planned carefully. This will be the case during the days leading up to her funeral.

Even Prince Philip’s casket, coated with lead, was crafted from English oak. It was supposedly made by experts like Henry Smith 30 years ago: Author and funeral historian Brian Parson claims that “Henry Smith was the last coffin manufacturer in London.” “It’s no surprise that the Royal Family went with them because of their expertise in producing luxurious caskets. It would have taken skilled craftspeople weeks to construct the casket.”

Will A State Funeral Be Held For The Queen?

Queen Elizabeth II will, of course, be accorded a state funeral as monarch. The Archbishop of Canterbury will preside over this ceremony, which will take place in Westminster Abbey and attract members of the Royal Family, as well as politicians and heads of state from all around the world.

Financial institutions in England, including the London Stock Exchange, will be closed on that day so employees can attend the historic funeral. Plans for what is being named “Operation Feather” reveal that for three days before the funeral, the Queen’s casket will “lay in state at the Palace of Westminster.” People will be able to pay their respects to their Queen this way.

Plans also call for “a committal service in St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle and the queen will be buried in the castle’s King George VI Memorial Chapel” following the burial in Westminster Abbey.

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