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Who Plays Blackstar (X-Men Link Explained)

Tyler Mane Blackstar Jupiters Legacy

Jupiter’s Legacy supervillain Blackstar might be covered in prosthetics and make-up but underneath is an actor familiar to X-Men and Halloween fans.

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Jupiter’s Legacy season one.

While the hulking Blackstar is not the main villain of Jupiter’s Legacy season one, the character is a formidable presence (two-fold, in fact) and should be familiar to X-Men movie fans. Or he would be were it not for the layers of prosthetics obscuring his identity.

Blackstar feels a little like a thinly-veiled Millarworld stand-in for DC’s Darkseid, given his immense powers (which appears to harness the power of supernovas, hence his name). His fully-armored costume – as seen with the second Blackstar who almost kills the Union in their early-season battle – has a distinct Apokoliptian feel to it and the rivalry with The Utopian feels like an easy parallel to Superman and Darkseid’s conflict. He’s also proven to be an intellect alongside his strength, brutal in his approach and seemingly central to the villainous underworld of Jupiter’s Legacy.

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Like the greatest MCU and DC villains, Blackstar is also perversely charming. He growls defiance confidently at the world’s strongest superhero, is impressive enough to knock him down, and is troublingly hard not to cheer.  A significant part of that comes down to the performance of the actor under the make-up: Tyler Mane, who played Sabretooth in the first X-Men movie and also played Michael Myers in Rob Zombie’s Halloween movies.

Tyler Mane as Sabretooth in X-Men 2000

Blackstar’s power – drawn from the Anti-Matter battery in his chest – is mostly a means to establish the vulnerability of the second generation of superheroes and even the most powerful originals who work alone. The strength of a hero, after all, can be easily gauged in the foe they overcome. But he’s far more than a punch-bag, as Mane’s provocative, goading performance proves, particularly when he’s removed from his armor. He’s a trickster, attempting to get the Utopian to betray his Code so that he’d have victory even in death and Mane’s subtle take on the character helps sell the nefarious conundrum well. He also offers strong justification for why Brandon would be keen to kill him, despite the Code.

This is in stark contrast to how underplayed Mane was as Sabretooth in X-Men, a performance that prioritized his physical prowess over subtly. And of course, his take on Michael Myers required very little in the way of vocal work by design. His more physical roles – which account for a lot of his career so far – are somewhat inevitable given his background as a WCW wrestler, but the strength of his performance in Jupiter’s Legacy suggests he can do more than bring the muscle.

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