Who Wins ‘The Circle’ Season 3? Fans Have Identified a Few Frontrunners

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Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for Season 3 of The Circle.

The American edition of the social media competition series, The Circle, is officially back for a third season, and a new set of contestants is vying for that $100,000 prize.

The first four episodes of Season 3 debuted on the streamer on Sept. 8, but many viewers already want to find out who will be victorious. Who wins The Circle Season 3? Keep reading to find out more about the players, and to learn about any potential spoilers.

Who is in ‘The Circle’ Season 3 cast?

As the Season 3 contestants entered their individual apartments, they discussed their strategies for playing the game. Several wanted to remain true to themselves, while others wanted to use fake photos or create less-than-truthful identities.

Nick Uhlenhuth, a Seattle resident with a computer science background, chose to tweak his profile to make it seem like he’s a drummer in a band.

'The Circle'
Source: Netflix

Nick Uhlenhuth from ‘The Circle’

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Fitness consultant Nick Pappadia’s original strategy was to do a full catfish. He took photos from his friend, Ashley, in order to try to win.

Rachel Ward and Sophia Layne are utilizing photos of their loved ones as well to play the game. Sisters Chanel Marie Capra and Ava Marie Capra aren’t using a fake profile, but they are playing by just using the latter sister’s information.

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Who wins ‘The Circle’ Season 3?

Though there are a lot of people who want to know the conclusions of their favorite shows ahead of time, there are no convincing spoilers for Season 3 of The Circle. Viewers will have to keep tuning in to the reality series to find out who will be victorious but, after the first four episodes, there are a few frontrunners.

Some fans believe that New Jersey native Ruksana will be the winner because she has one of the more authentic and likable personalities on the show.

'The Circle'
Source: Netflix

Ruksana Carroll on ‘The Circle’

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The 35-year-old ended up in 1st place in the rankings after the fourth episode, which puts her in an ideal spot. She’s also promised to remain as true to herself as possible. Though Season 2 winner DeLeesa St. Agathe played the entire game with her husband’s photos under a fake profile, authenticity could succeed with Ruksana in the current season.

“Ruksana is gonna win this whole thing…she so real,” a fan tweeted, while others referred to her as an “early favorite.”

Others suspect that Keisha aka Kai could be the sole victor. The Nashville resident had the highest ranking after the first episode, and she then had the second highest ranking after the fourth. Her dad used to be an FBI agent, so it could be in her DNA to stay one step ahead of her fellow competitors.

She’s also using her CCCF plan, which stands for “Compliments, Comedy, and Commonalities with a sprinkle of fantasy.”

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'The Circle'
Source: Netflix

Kai Ghost from ‘The Circle’

“If Ruksana or Kai don’t win this series cancelled,” one fan joked on Twitter.

The two aforementioned Season 3 personalities are already winning many over — but, as viewers know, anything can change on The Circle.

New episodes of The Circle Season 3 drop on Wednesdays on Netflix.

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