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Who Would Win in a Fight, Darkseid or Trigon?

If we wish to reply this query, we first have to try each characters. Let’s begin with Trigon. The supervillain is heralded as one of the vital highly effective beings within the DC Universe (together with Darkseid), and is the archenemy of the Justice League and the Teen Titans. His true kind is a crimson demon with 4 eyes, horns, and a cape-like outfit. He is a merciless and harmful interdimensional demon who you definitely do not wish to meet down a darkish alleyway in the midst of the night time, or ever.

On the opposite facet, Darkseid can also be a supervillain, and the ruler of the planet Apokolips. He is aiming to in the end conquer the universe and get rid of free will in addition to sentient beings. He is additionally thought-about one of the vital highly effective villains within the DC Universe. His look is pretty unremarkable, as he is usually pictured sporting a blue outfit with gauntlets and boots. Apparently, his persona was even impressed by Adolf Hitler. 

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