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Why Big Ed Keeps Looking For Another Rose Vega


Amidst 90 Day Fiancé fans calling for a boycott of Big Ed Brown, the problematic cast member was seen commenting on ex Rose Vega’s Instagram post.

With 90 Day Fiancé fans calling Big Ed Brown to be boycotted from the franchise, fans are sure he will return yet again to find a new Rose Vega. Amidst the abusive call between Big Ed and his ex Liz Marie leaking on Instagram, the problematic cast member has also revealed he’s currently filming for “season 2.” Big Ed’s predatory behavior on the internet has been flagged several times, and TLC viewers have concluded he was never in love with Rose but used her for fame. But despite the insulting acts and derogatory remarks Big Ed made towards her on 90 Day Fiancé, Rose gave him the fame that’s made him a world-famous name.

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And it makes sense Big Ed is already on the lookout for a new Rose whom he would use to get himself more success, in a new 90 Day Fiancé season. At the beginning of 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days season 4, Big Ed came across a lonely older man who’d finally found love after 28 years of loneliness. But when Big Ed traveled to the Philippines to meet single mother Rose for the first time, he became the villain of the season. Not only did Big Ed lie about his height, but he also bought Rose some dental hygiene products and told her that her breath stinks. The 90 Day Fiancé star also asked if Rose would take an STD test but refused to take one himself.

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The expected break-up between Big Ed and Liz happened even before their 90 Day Fiancé The Single Life Tell-All, with her calling him narcissistic and deleting any trace of him off her Instagram page. Liz confessed that her friends were against her dating Big Ed and had also warned her about all his red flags. But Liz did see the mask slip, and recently fans witnessed the disturbing call between her and Big Ed where he verbally assaulted and berated her as she begged for a minute to speak. At the same time, when 90 Day Fiancé fans collectively spoke about canceling Big Ed, he was spotted commenting on Rose Vega’s Instagram post, singing her praises.

90 Day Fiance Ed Brown Rosemarie Vega

This week also saw Rose shocking fans with her brand new make-up transformation, in photos that took seconds to go viral on the internet. Now an influencer with over 593k followers, Rose is living her best life, although naysayers feel she should be thanking Big Ed for what she has. However, Big Ed seemed to hog Rose’s limelight on a new post that had a clip of her speaking on a national news channel of her social media fame. “You are on the top of the world because you are real, a wonderful mom, and are very talented,” wrote Ed on Rose’s post with heart emojis. The photographer had also left a similar comment on Rose’s Mother’s Day post to admire her parenting skills. It does appear that now with Liz gone, and his fame possibly on the decline, Big Ed wants to use Rose as a prop to make a 90 Day Fiancé reunion happen.

It’s clear that Big Ed, who loves to say that age is just a number is into chasing women half his age. While he may have made Rose dump him in the Philippines, seeing her glow-up now is making him regret his mistake. At 56, fans wish Big Ed would stay away from dating ladies who are 20 or even 30 years younger than him. But if the 90 Day Fiancé cast member has put Rose’s face on the fantasy woman in his head, fans think that it’s better for Rose to stay away.

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