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Why Bristol Palin Only Stayed On The Show For One Season

Bristol Palin Teen Mom

Bristol Palin starred in one short season of Teen Mom. From a life full of controversy to frustration with MTV, here’s why Bristol quit the series.

Bristol Palin shocked reality TV fans with her decision to join and then abruptly quit Teen Mom, and we have all the facts on why the young mother chose to quit the MTV series. Bristol Palin has been at the center of controversy since she announced her pregnancy in September 2008 and remained in the public spotlight up to her starring role in Teen Mom in 2018. From her messy on-screen divorce to her frustration with MTV producers, here’s why Bristol quit Teen Mom.

Although Bristol was on Teen Mom OG, her 2018 role on MTV’s hit reality series was her first time appearing on Teen Mom. Bristol did have her own form of reality television experience during her years as a teenage mother, however. At 17 years old, Bristol was a national sensation as her mother, Governor Sarah Palin, campaigned for Vice President in 2008. Throughout her pregnancy and into motherhood, Bristol consistently made appearances on talk shows like TodayThe View, and The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Bristol even appeared in some scripted shows like The Secret Life of the American Teenager during America’s obsession with her unconventional family timeline. Bristol continued to pursue reality television opportunities where she wasn’t required to discuss her teen pregnancy. In 2010, Bristol placed third in Dancing With the Stars and was featured in an episode of Celebrity Wife Swap in 2013.

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After years of guest hosting and co-anchoring on news shows, Bristol returned to reality TV as a featured star of Teen Mom in 2018. While on the series, MTV audiences got a taste of Bristol’s hectic life raising her three children, Tripp, Atlee, and Sailor. Teen Mom also captured the disintegration of Bristol’s marriage to her ex-husband, Dakota Meyer. Bristol and Dakota got married in 2016, but divorced in 2018 while Bristol was starring on Teen Mom. Joining the cast just after Farrah Abraham’s dramatic season 7 exit, Bristol followed in the predecessor’s footprints when she decided to leave the MTV show. Although Bristol only appeared in 16 episodes of Teen Mom in total, her brief experience on the reality series proved sour enough to write off the MTV franchise for good.

In December 2018, Bristol first offered fans her negative opinion of Teen Mom‘s portrayal of her family. In a post on Instagram, Bristol claimed that MTV only wanted to show the messy aspects of her life and exclude the reality star’s “faith [or] work ethic.” Bristol’s ex-husband Dakota also made a statement that December, tweeting his disappointment in Teen Mom turning into “trailer trash Real Housewives” instead of an authentic representation of struggling families. Bristol’s exit from Teen Mom was made official in April 2019, when she made another post explaining her distaste for her Teen Mom journey on social media. Returning to Instagram, Bristol’s post commented on her decision to leave Teen Mom. According to the Alaskan, starring on the MTV show “took away [her] peace” and no increase in salary could sway her to continue filming for the show.

Since announcing her teen pregnancy, Bristol Palin has utilized her public scrutiny as a launching pad for a career on television. Unfortunately, Bristol found MTV’s treatment of her story unusually taxing and exploitative. While it is unlikely the temporary MTV star will return to Teen Mom for another season, Bristol’s continued career on TV is inevitable.

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