Why Did Singer Britney Spears Delete Her Instagram Account?

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Singer, songwriter, and actress Britney Spears has been making headlines for quite some time. The 39-year-old has been living under a conservatorship with her father Jamie Spears making all of her communication, spending, and personal decisions. Earlier this spring, Britney requested a hearing in open court to discuss the terms of her arrangement.

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For the first time in many years, Britney spoke for herself and spent 20 minutes describing how she had been medicated, financially exploited, isolated, and emotionally abused. According to The New Yorker, she told the court,” All I want is to own my money, for this to end, and for my boyfriend to drive me in his f—ing car.” For months celebrities and fans have been behind the “Free Britney” movement, and on Sept. 7, 2021, Britney’s dad filed to end the court conservatorship.

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Just a few days later, the singer announced she was engaged to her longtime love Sam Asghari. She shared a video of her and her fiancé as she showed off the engagement ring. Sam also shared the news on his Instagram, with a close-up of the ring on Britney’s finger. Then on Sept. 14, after sharing the post “#FreeBritney” with her 34 million followers on Instagram, Britney’s account was deactivated. Here’s what we know about why Britney decided to delete her Instagram account.

Why did Britney Spears delete her Instagram account?

Shortly after Britney posted about her engagement on her Instagram account, the account was deactivated. The sudden disappearance of the account sparked confusion and concern among her fans. Just a bit after that, the newly engaged Britney took to her Twitter account to inform all of her followers that she just needed a little break from social media.

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She tweeted, “Don’t worry folks.. just taking a little break from social media to celebrate my engagement!! I’ll be back soon.” The hashtag #WhereisBritney started trending with over 7,000 tweets from fans, and some still don’t understand why she would delete her account. One fan replied and tweeted, “So your ig is your most direct way to communicate with your fans but you decide to deactivate and share the news on Twitter?”

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Another fan was concerned that it wasn’t Britney’s idea to take a break from her Instagram account, and tweeted, “I just hope it was her decision and not team con.” Yet another came to the singer’s defense with “Let this poor girl live her conservatorship is ending and she just got engaged in.” Per CNN, a source close to Britney says, “it was her decision” to delete her Instagram account and it’s something she’s “wanted to do for a while.”

The creators of Toxic: The Podcast are encouraging Britney’s fans to be discerning when it comes to the above reports, however. As they pointed out in their own Instagram post, “Lord knows we all need a social media break from time to time … but it doesn’t seem like B was ever the one posting to her Twitter so this tweet isn’t as comforting as we’d hope! Stay vigilant y’all.”

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We certainly hope that this is simply Britney taking a well-deserved break from social media. And assuming it is, we can’t wait for Britney to reactive her Instagram account (if and when she wants to!).

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