Why Does the Queen Always Carry a Purse? It’s Not Just a Fashion Accessory

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Phil Dampier, the creator of What’s In The Queen’s Purse: And Different Royal Secrets and techniques has shared that the Queen carries in her purse studying glasses, a handkerchief, mints, and a transportable hook with a purpose to hold her purse underneath tables. Different objects embody: a diary, a penknife, a digital camera, treats for her Corgis, a small mirror, household pictures, lipstick, and infrequently a crossword puzzle.

“She would really feel misplaced with out it,” Dampier mentioned of the purse. “It is her most valued possession and a worthwhile software. The Queen would by no means go wherever with out her purse. The one time she won’t have it by her aspect is when she is in a very relaxed atmosphere, like up at Balmoral.”

And there you could have it! Queen Elizabeth is all the time carrying a handbag as a result of it is trendy, it is useful, and it is a low-key approach for her to get out of uncomfortable conditions.

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