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Why Is Twitter Calling for Ansel Elgort to Be Cancelled?

The tweet from Gabby shortly went viral and it has been mentioned on Twitter with customers insisting Elgort be held accountable. 

“WHEN will MEN cease SEXUALLY ASSAULTING ladies and CHILDREN?!,” one particular person tweeted, including the hashtag #AnselElgort.

“By no means been a fan at all times appeared like one thing was off about him,” one other stated. Including, “Guess I used to be proper. What a rubbish human being.” 

“Settle for that perpetrators of assault exist. They could possibly be your folks or brothers. Ladies know numerous others who’ve been raped, but our males know no rapists. What does that say about society?,” a 3rd particular person tweeted, including the hashtags, “#KevinSpacey #AnselElgort #DannyMasterson” 

Following Gabby’s allegations, one other girl stepped ahead, to share that, though she had not had a sexual encounter with Elgort, she had been contacted by him on the age of 16. She shared screenshots of a dialog with him on his snapchat, wherein he requested her, “U ever been w an older man?” He then clarified why he was asking, saying, “u know I need u.”

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