Why Is Xbox Series X is a Better Console Than the Sony PS5?

Why Is Xbox Series X is a Better Console Than the Sony PS5

The competition between consoles is once again here. This time, it is between Xbox Series X and PS5.

The next-generation consoles have been recently launched in the market and already comparisons are being made.

In the past, Playstation consoles have always stolen the ‘winner crown.’ But this time, things are different because Xbox Series X has finally come up with some serious features. There is no denying that Xbox Series X is the winner this time and here’s why!

Xbox Series X Has Cheaper Games

In the past, Xbox had always come second to PS5 in terms of game titles. Over the years, Sony has offered us numerous popular games. But this time, Xbox has taken a different approach. They have introduced a Game Pass subscription service. This has become the main USP for Xbox Series X.

The prices of next-gen games are extremely high. But with Xbox Game Pass, players can get games at a cheaper rate. The recurring price of gaming on Xbox Series X is much lesser than PS5.

Xbox has promised to offer games at an affordable rate with their Game Pass service. On the other hand, PS5 has not approved of any such equivalent.

Xbox Series X Has Better Specs

Even in terms of specs and overall user experience, Xbox Series X seems to be way ahead of PS5.

Both the consoles share core hardware platforms with AMD RDNA2 GPU and 8-core AMD Zen 2 CPUs powering both the consoles. But Xbox Series X provides 12 TFLOPs of raw computing power which is greater than PS5’s 10.28 TFLOPs.

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Xbox Series X Comes With A Better Design

Although this is subjective and depends on personal choice, we cannot deny that Xbox Series X is better than all the other previous Xbox consoles in terms of design.

The new Xbox Series X design blends easily with its surrounding. On the other hand, PS5 comes with a much louder design.
The Xbox Series X is compact and smaller in size than the PS5. This makes it easier to handle. Even the controllers provided by Xbox Series X are better than PS5 controllers.

The new Xbox controllers are designed to give you a superior gaming experience. PS5 may have DualSense controllers but the features may not be impressive for everyone.

Microsoft Xbox Series X is giving serious competition to PS5. With their newest console, they have turned the tables.

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