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Why It’s Time for A Major House Update For The Show

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The last time the Big Brother house was renovated was in 2005, prior to season 6. Now, 16 years later, it may be time for a home makeover.

The reality hit Big Brother 23 will kick off this summer, and it’s a good time for a house renovation. While the theme of the house changes from season to season, the overall layout has not been updated for ages. In fact, the last reno took place right before season 6 aired in 2005. That’s nearly 16 years ago. Fans are ready for some updates inside the house.

Big Brother premiere dates and schedules were just revealed. The very first season of the show aired 21 years ago in 2000. As the years and seasons have gone by, the format of the competition show has grown and evolved. It’s changed to boost viewer satisfaction. While there have been some disappointing seasons in recent years, the show has continued to be successful for 22 seasons. Changes to the house might energize the series.

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While some aspects of the show have remained the same, there have been a ton of changes since season 1. Now, it may be time to renovate the beloved Big Brother house. Since the house has had the same standard layout since season 6, some viewers are getting tired of it. A new house layout would be a fun way to make the show more interesting for the audience. A refreshed layout would also mean a great surprise for new houseguests (who often become Instagram influencers). They will be entering the residence on premiere night. Last, but not least, a different layout could potentially be a challenge for players who are superfans of the show. These players typically study every element of the show, including the house layout, prior to packing their bags for the competition. The lack of familiarity with the house’s layout could throw off their gameplay.

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Although the house has a different decor theme each summer (which makes it feel different from previous seasons), a layout change would be the ultimate Big Brother twist. However, making adjustments to the layout isn’t an easy task. Due to the show’s format, the current house is perfectly set up for cameras. The cameras have specific placements so 24-hour live feeds can be captured for fans all summer long. This is most likely why production decided to do renovation prior to season 6. They wanted to make updates that were suitable for newer and better technology. There could also be difficulties with renovating the Big Brother house due to its location on the CBS Studio Center lot. Dedicated fans know that production already struggles to deal with “wall yellers” who try to relay exclusive information to players inside of the house.

Since the new season of Big Brother is set to premiere in early July, it is unlikely that production has made any major renovations that will be seen this summer. However, in the near future, the production team may consider revamping the Big Brother house. When it comes to changing the layout, there are pros and cons. Most fans think the pros outweigh the cons.

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