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Why Jarrod Schulz May Be Fired From Storage Wars After Brandi Conflict

Jarrod Schulz and Brandi Passante

New drama has emerged in Jarrod Schulz’s relationship with his ex-wife, Brandi Passante. His recent actions may get him fired from A&E’s Storage Wars.

Following A&E’s two-year hiatus of Storage Wars, the entire crew is back, but not everyone is back together. Fans discovered Jarrod Schulz and his partner, Brandi Passante, split up during the break and had largely hidden their breakup until this past winter. On camera, Brandi and Jarrod mostly ignore each other, save some bitter comments here and there. However, shocking news recently broke of a fight that proved they weren’t just playing up their animosity for the show.

During Storage Wars‘ initial run, fans grew to love the dynamic power couple, often known as the “young guns,” as they teamed up to bid on storage units and make money. At the height of the series in 2014, Jarrod and Brandi even earned their own show, Brandi & Jarrod: Married to the Job. Some fans now look at the series as a sign of things to come, as the entire show only had an eight-episode run. Back in 2018, just a year before the thought-t0-be final season wrapped shooting, Brandi and Jarrod broke up, but chose to keep the split a secret for nearly two years.

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Since the news broke, things have been getting increasingly intense off-camera. According to TMZ, Brandi and Jarrod ran into one another at a bar in Orange County in mid-May, resulting in arguments between the pair. Police were called and arrived on the scene, but Jarrod and his friends had already left. Days after the incident, police followed up on a domestic violence report from Brandi and interviewed Jarrod, but he claimed he didn’t put his hands on her.

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However, police and other witnesses may have proven otherwise. The Orange County district attorney has since charged Jarrod with one count of misdemeanor domestic violence battery. Neither Jarrod nor Brandi has issued any public comments on the incident so far. Before the incident, taped episodes included plenty of interactions between the pair. Even before the new season began, Brandi added a demon emoji over Jarrod’s face in the poster. In the premiere episode, Brandi called Jarrod an “idiot” for overbidding on a unit.

The news of the conflict between Jarrod and Brandi has shocked fans and has many wondering what effect this may have on Jarrod’s presence on Storage Wars. As reported by TMZ, sources close to the series say the network is investigating the incident. A&E has launched a probe and is reviewing everything that happened. Jarrod has not been shooting episodes for the show since the network learned of what happened, and he will not return until they complete their investigation. Brandi will continue on the show. Only time will tell what happens and how Brandi will react to her ex’s potential departure from Storage Wars.

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Source: TMZ

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