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Why Star Wars Needs A Bad Batch Game (NOT A Republic Commando Remake)

Star Wars The Bad Batch Republic Commando

Star Wars: Republic Commando is a great game that’s well regarded by fans, but that kind of game should receive a new experience with the Bad Batch.

If Lucasfilm Games is interested in capitalizing on the beloved formula of Star Wars: Republic Commando, the franchise would be better served with a similar game focused on the Bad Batch. First introduced in the final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the Bad Batch has emerged as a truly interesting squad of clone troopers, quickly rising in popularity and earning its own TV show, Star Wars: The Bad Batch. At this point, most of the squad’s Clone Wars-era story is untold and could make for a great new video game.

Star Wars: Republic Commando is generally regarded as one of the better Star Wars video games ever made. It features Delta Squad, a clone commando unit made up of four elite clone troopers, carrying out missions during the Clone Wars. Republic Commando recently came to Nintendo Switch as a straight HD port, but many fans have been asking for a full remaster or remake for some time now. With the Bad Batch rising to prominence, that type of game would be better suited for Clone Force 99.

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A game about the Bad Batch would be built on the same concept as Star Wars: Republic Commando, but it would have the freedom to tell a fresh story and further develop characters who are actively being used in Star Wars canon. Given the nature of the members of the Bad Batch, who essentially serve the same function as Delta Squad but with more unique powers, Clone Force 99 would be a significantly better focus for a squad-based co-op game than a simple remaster or remake of Republic Commando.

The Bad Batch Would Make For A Great Star Wars Co-Op Game

Why Star Wars Needs a Bad Batch Game (Not a Republic Commando Remake)

During the Clone Wars, The Bad Batch‘s titular unit featured four specially enhanced clones, each with their own particular strengths and abilities. Hunter is the leader and generally the best all-around trooper in the squad; Wrecker is a brute with a focus on heavy weaponry and hand-to-hand combat; Tech is the team’s engineer; and Crosshair is the sniper. These would make for unique individual roles in a cooperative game and could complement each other extremely well. In many ways, a The Bad Batch video game could make for a compelling Star Wars take on games like Left 4 Dead or Back 4 Blood.

With Star Wars: The Bad Batch’s debut on Disney+, the popularity of Clone Force 99 is likely only going to continue to grow. Star Wars: Republic Commando is a great game, but it should be left at that. The Bad Batch has more potential for a game using Republic Commando‘s format and would offer fans a new experience, rather than simply retreading old ground. It’s almost too good an opportunity for Lucasfilm Games to not cash in on.

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