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Why Suicide Squad’s Amanda Waller Could Be The Nick Fury Of The DCEU

Viola Davis Amanda Waller DCEU Nick Fury

The DCEU needs to start using Viola Davis’ Amanda Waller outside the Suicide Squad franchise, letting her have a similar role to MCU’s Nick Fury.

The DCEU can repeat what the MCU has done with Nick Fury with Amanda Waller outside The Suicide Squad franchise. Every comic book universe has characters who don’t always fall into the hero or villain categories. Whether it’s DC or Marvel, they have players who represent the grey area, sometimes referred to as anti-heroes even. But then there are those characters who want to do the right thing, but with questionable methods, a la Nick Fury and Amanda Waller. While the MCU’s take on Nick Fury, played by Samuel L. Jackson, has mostly been on the heroes’ side, he hasn’t been without his shady phases.

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In 2016’s Suicide Squad, the DCEU introduced Amanda Waller to the big screen, played by Viola Davis as the head of Task Force X. While Waller, similarly to Fury, wants to help make the world a better place, she doesn’t assemble superheroes to accomplish that. Instead, she uses incarcerated supervillains and makes them pay their dues back to society through field missions. While their reward is a few years shaved off their sentences, Waller controls them by having explosives implanted into their heads. Davis’ Waller will be back for James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad, but the DCEU could be doing more with the complex character outside that specific series.

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Even though Amanda Waller is mostly known for her Suicide Squad role, she has factored into other stories and scenarios in the comics and DC media, similarly to Nick Fury in the MCU. With a massive talent like Davis, the DCEU would benefit from using Waller in multiple corners of their DC Films. Whether it’s Davis’ iteration, the comics, or other TV/film versions of Waller, she has always been a force to be reckoned with in the DC Universe. Besides having the skills to run a team of super-villains, Waller is resourceful in ways that challenge even the Justice League. However she does it, Waller sometimes has information and answers that not even Batman can figure out.

Viola Davis as Amanda Waller in Suicide Squad

Limiting Waller to just running the Suicide Squad is not only a waste of Davis’ tremendous talents but the character herself. Currently, the DCEU’s Justice League plans remain unclear, as they’re not moving forward with the Snyderverse after the Snyder Cut. But someday, the iconic DC team will be a standard component of their cinematic universe. Integrating Waller into more significant stories on a Justice League level would be a way for the DCEU to utilize her character arc as well as introduce a new team. While neither Waller nor Nick Fury have powers, they are dangerous with their own minds alone, making them useful for their respective groups.

If a story were ever to see the Justice League relying on the Suicide Squad against a challenging threat, it becomes a huge way to display Waller’s impact in the DCEU. Not only would it demonstrate the power one human can have to control a team like the Suicide Squad, but it would represent the government’s role in a world with super-powered beings. The MCU has used Nick Fury in multiple films since Phase 1, which is now leading to Jackson headlining a Secret Invasion series on Disney+. The DCEU has a treasure with Viola Davis as Amanda Waller, and hopefully, the Suicide Squad films aren’t the only place where she will be seen in the future.

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