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Why The New Rose Color Is Less Sus Than Red Crewmates

Among Us Rose Color Is Less Sus Than Red

Among Us’ newest color, Rose, is being added to the game soon. Here’s how it compares to Red, and why Rose may be less sus in future games.

Since its release in 2018, Among Us has turned into a pop culture phenomenon, with celebrities playing rounds on television and Twitch and YouTube stars showing off their own mods to huge audiences. Now, Innersloth – the studio behind Among Us – has announced it’s adding new colors into the hit social deduction game. The first of these that’s been confirmed is Rose, a lighter (and arguably less sus) version of Pink and Red.

The Airship was the last major update in Among Us, and although it’s only been out for a couple of months, many fans are looking ahead to new content. This has led to a resurgence in mods that aim to shake up gameplay elements and add in new features. However, InnerSloth has also announced some new changes coming to Among Us soon – like 15-player lobbies and more color options.

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So far, the only color officially confirmed is Rose, which is being added to Among Us in June. Rose is a slightly lighter tone than Red, and it’s far less eye-catching than the neon-looking Pink currently in the game. Because of this, it’s possible Rose will allow crewmates to fly under the radar longer since it doesn’t stand out as much as brightly-colored Pink. However, Rose is also less sus than Red, which is something both crewmates and Impostors will want to keep in mind.

Why Among Us’ Rose Isn’t As Sus As Red

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For players who want to choose from the red palette, Rose could be an ideal option. Its more washed-out tone will likely make it easier to blend in. Additionally, it could provide a safer alternative to choosing the standard Red color. Evidence shows that Red is the most sus color in Among Us, perhaps because players associate that color with blood – and blood is associated with Impostor kills.

Impostors looking to seem less suspicious may want to try out Rose as a color early on. Likewise, players who like Red but keep getting mistakenly ejected because of their crewmate color may want to opt for Rose when it’s made available. If people continue thinking of Red as sus, then Rose provides a nice alternative. Of course, there’s no way to know for certain how these events will play out once Rose is actually added to the game next month. As time goes on, players may begin to see Rose as a more sus color in Among Us than Red.

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