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Why Tiffany Chose Poorly With Ronald


90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After? fans truly believe that Tiffany Franco chose poorly when she decided to marry Ronald and have a child with him.

Fans of 90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After? truly believe that Tiffany Franco chose poorly when she decided to marry Ronald and have a child with him. The couple is currently separated by an ocean and just going through the motions.  

Fans watched Sunday’s episode as Franco made it clear that she was struggling in her marriage to the former addict. The 29-year-old was filmed speaking with a lawyer after she hit her limit with her husband’s lazy attitude. The couple shares a daughter, Carley, and Franco currently feels like she is a single parent. Ronald is still in South Africa, waiting for his visa to come through, but he doesn’t seem to have a job. Franco revealed to fans that she needs him to be more emotionally and financially supportive. 

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Fans have started to side with Tiffany’s mother and feel that the reality star could have chosen a better life partner. The mother of two seemed at her wit’s end, explaining that she canceled her tickets to visit her husband because she was tired of paying for everything. The money she got back went to a nice new apartment for her which made sense to viewers. But Ronald felt betrayed by the turn of events. Franco stood her ground, and the two came to heads.

TLC fans have noticed that Ronald seems to be resting on his laurels instead of helping his wife out. Cameras showed him buying a big teddy bear for his daughter and not much else. During the fight, Franco mentioned how he plays video games all day and spent thousands on a new motorcycle when he could have actually paid for the plane tickets. Viewers do not like that he has yet to offer any form of assistance. In addition, Franco didn’t seem to grasp the mistake she may have made by marrying a gambling addict.

The couple is currently on shaky ground after both announced in January that they had split up. Ronald revealed he would be filing for divorce in South Africa since Franco never registered in the United States. In a surprise twist, the couple then reconciled back in March. Who knows where the couple currently stands but TLC fans feel that they will not work out either due to the distance or their many differences. Hopefully, this season will give fans all the details about their split. 

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90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs Sunday at 8 PM on TLC

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