Will There Be a ‘Locke & Key’ Season 2 on Netflix? Details Inside

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The Netflix horror series Locke & Key premiered in Feb. 2020. The show is based on the popular comic book series written by Joe Hill (aka Stephen King’s son) and illustrated by Gabriel Rodriguez. Locke & Key explores other dimensions, demons, and a mysterious New England estate known as the Keyhouse.

It follows three siblings as they navigate the magical keys and power of the property. After their dad’s murder, it’s almost as if they can only rely on themselves … until they find themselves discovering the wonders of the Keyhouse Manor.

For now, we’ve only got Season 1, but there are seven books in the original Locke & Key series, and the creators have promised more to come in the future. So can fans expect a second season of the show, too?

Will Season 2 deliver the answers we really need?

From the sounds of it … yes! A TV Guide Q&A with Carlton and his co-producer Meredith Averill is equal parts cryptic and satisfying. They won’t say which new keys will be explored or created — just that there will be more. Jackpot!

Further, we hear we can expect more Revolutionary War flashbacks in future seasons. Meredith says the flashbacks are a part of the comics she loves, and they play a big part in the book series. She feels they add the historical context viewers need.

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“I think that as excited as we are about Season 1, the fact that we’re deep into writing Season 2, it just goes to show this show has longevity and really interesting facets still to explore,” Carlton shares.

'Locke & Key' Cast

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And this trailer for the second season of Locke & Key looks pretty dark. In it, we see that Dodge is still willing to do whatever he can to obtain the power of the keys. But a major plot twist comes when we see that Gabe, Kinsey’s boyfriend, is actually Dodge in disguise.

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You can watch season 1 of Locke & Key on Netflix now. Season 2 comes out on Oct. 22, 2021.

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