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Wish Dragon Trailer Explores The Meaning Of Enduring Friendship

Wish Dragon Din and Long

Netflix releases a poster & trailer for the animated comedy, Wish Dragon, which debuts June 11 & features a wish-granting dragon & a hopeful student.

Wish Dragon, an upcoming computer-animated comedy set to hit Netflix on June 11, has just released both a poster and a trailer. Writer-director, Chris Appelhans is teaming up with producers Aron Warner, Chris Bremble, and Jackie Chan for the movie. Warner also produced Shrek, which scored him an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature. John Cho will be voicing the role of Long, and Jimmy Wong will be voicing the role of Din. Natasha Liu Bordizzo, Constance Wu, and Will Yun Lee will be lending their voices to the film as well.

In the newly released trailer released by Netflix for Wish Dragon, a fuzzy pink and purple dragon with wish-granting abilities bursts out of a teapot and instantly meets Din, a delivery person and college student. After being stuck in the teapot for a thousand years, the magical dragon, named Long, is committed to turning three of Din’s wishes into reality. Din’s biggest wish of all is to be reunited with his childhood best friend, Lina. Check out the trailer and movie poster for Wish Dragon below:

Netflix released its Wish Dragon poster

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Sony Pictures Animation’s Wish Dragon will take place in Shanghai, China. While the film is intended for families to enjoy, it also serves a deeper purpose. Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, xenophobia toward Chinese citizens rose. Additionally, discrimination and violence against the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community have risen in the United States within the last year. Asian representation in movies is crucial for helping to combat this discrimination. Hopefully, Hollywood will continue to tell diverse stories, like the ones to be told in Wish Dragon.

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  • Wish Dragon (2021)Release date: Jun 11, 2021

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