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Wittiest Hashtags, Group Chats & Banter From The Show

Chloe Veitch Jack Atkins Terilisha and Lee Swift on The Circle US season 2

In The Circle, players let their personality shine by creating clever hashtags and witty banter in the chat room. Here are some of the wittiest chats.


The Circle players are constantly finding ways to create clever hashtags and banter in the chat room and we’re rehashing some of the wittiest moments in season 2. The Netflix show, which turns social media into a competitive game with a $100,000 grand prize, offers a plethora of unique hashtags and wordplay that makes the show so enjoyable to watch. In private chats, players are able to create alliances and also determines who should be #blocked.

Season 2 offered so many hashtags that some fans felt it was cringeworthy and overboard. River (Lee) even brought a notebook filled with popular hashtags to keep up with the game. He even created a bond with Terilisha and loaded their conversation up with generic hashtags like, #TexasSiblingsRock, #NeedABigSister and #ItsStillRaw. While some hashtags deserved to just be a sentence of its own, there were plenty that stood out and could make you LOL.

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Circle Fam

Jack and Lisa back to back in suits on season 2 of The Circle

#CircleFam was the general hashtag given to players who was in The Circle. If you’re part of The Circle, you’re apart of a family. That is until you’re ranked last amongst players and then blocked.

Circle Sisters

Split image of Savannah and Terilisha from season 2 of The Circle

In attempts to build an alliance, Emily (Jack) invited all of the female players to join forces. Once the players alliances are established, it’s only right to name the group and sign off from the chat room with a hashtag. Emily named the group #CircleSisters. They also referred the group as #GirlGang.

Courtney Revolution

Courtney Revolution deserves his own category because he was the emperor of the hashtags and clever convos with his Circle mates. The social media star stayed knowing all of the tea and spilled it whenever he needed to keep his alliances strong. Throughout the season, Courtney was able to build strong alliances and friendships with multiple players. One of the most memorable conversations was him and Savannah Palacio getting to know each other in a private chat. The duo bonded right away after Courtney discovered Savannah’s love for early 2000s R&B. They discussed their love for singer Cassie and her hit song “Me & U.” They sealed their alliance with Cassie referenced hashtags like, #MeAndUTilTheEnd and #MeAndUTilTheEndPeriod. After Savannah was sent home, Courtney became close with Chloe and River. They became so close they named their alliance #Cardashians. This hashtag was in reference to their “good sis” Chloe.

No Catfish Allowed

Jack from The Circle season 2 with his finger to his head

In The Circle, catfishing is simply a part of the game. However, players who are a catfish are still frowned upon in The Circle. One of the heightened moments in the show was when Emily was exposed after the infamous #Glammequin challenge. She failed so bad, the other players immediately knew a 21-year-old college girl could not have applied makeup that terrible. The #Cardashian crew joined their private chat room and discussed this new shocking revelation. Chloe was upset the most because she counted Emily as her best friend and her #GirlGang had completely crumbled. Chloe was also catfished by Trevor who called her the Beyonce to his Jay-Z. In The Circle, strategy is a part of the game and you never know who you’re really talking to.

Will The Real Joker Please Stand UP?!

Courtney from The Circle season 2 sitting in The Circle Room

In season 2, the Inner Circle twist was added to spice things up. Courtney got the keys to the Inner Circle and played as the Joker. Once players got word the Joker gave new players Khat Bell and Mitchell Eason the rundown on who to look out for, the search was on to find out who it was. In the #CircleFam chat room, everyone was commenting how eager they were to find out who it was. Mitchell decided to lay it all out on the table and simply ask, “Will the real Joker please stand up?!” The players all laughed at the question except the joker himself, Courtney. While he decided to ignore Mitchell’s question and tried to move on, it put a target on his back from Mitchell. The question was funny and clever and surprisingly became a good game tactic for Mitchell.

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