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Wolverine’s Most Shocking Death Turned His Adamantium Against Him

Wolverine with Metal Claws Comic

Marvel Comics showed one of the few ways to stop Wolverine when he was coated in his own adamantium in the Death of Wolverine story arc.

While killing Wolverine is pretty much impossible, one Marvel Comics storyline showed how to stop the longtime X-Men hero: cover him in more adamantium. In the Death of Wolverine, Logan comes face-to-face with the man who gave him his adamantium bones, but in order to stop him from doing any further experiments on innocent victims, he is forced to cover himself in adamantium, leading to his death.

Since debuting in Hulk #181, Wolverine has become a key part of the X-Men and one of the more popular heroes in the Marvel Universe. Logan Howlett would gain the mutant powers that gave him enhanced senses, a healing factor, as well as retractable claws. After being kidnapped and experimented on as part of the Weapon X program, Wolverine’s bones were coated in adamantium. By having his body fused with the powerful metal, he became even more unkillable. However, adamantium once proved to be his downfall – and no, we’re not talking about Magneto using his powers to rip Wolverine apart.

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In Death of Wolverine #4 by Charles Soule, Steve McNiven, Jay Leisten, Justin Ponsor, and Chris Eliopoulos, Wolverine’s healing factor disappears due to a virus. He becomes a target, which leads Doctor Abraham Cornelius, the head of the Weapon X program, to try and kill Wolverine now that he’s no longer invulnerable. Wolverine discovers a facility where Cornelius attempts to recreate his greatest experiment, but when the mad scientist refuses to turn off his machines before the new victims are bonded with adamantium, Logan destroys the containers, leading him to get covered in boiling hot adamantium. While he stops the experiments (and kills Cornelius), Wolverine is overcome by the adamantium and is encased in it.

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X-Men Wolverine death

Wolverine’s death wasn’t short-lived either, as he would stay dead in the comics for a few years before breaking out of the adamantium shell and returning in Marvel Legacy #1. Marvel Comics specifically downplayed the X-Men during this time, as they didn’t own the rights outside the comics yet. Wolverine’s death also allowed his clone daughter, X-23, to become the new Wolverine in his absence.

While Wolverine’s death would eventually be reversed, killing him by coating his entire body in adamantium was a fitting death for the Marvel hero. Even without his healing factor, it would have felt cheap to see him die in a non-epic way. Wolverine died saving a group of people from experiencing the same pain that the Weapon X program caused him – while killing the man who changed him forever. Thankfully, Wolverine wouldn’t stay dead.

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