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Woody Randall’s Best Instagram Style Moments


Woody Randall rose to fame on Married At First Sight. However, he’s known for more than marrying Amani. He’s also known for his stylish clothing.

Woody Randall from Married At First Sight season 11 is known for his relationship with Amani Aliyya Randall, and he’s also renowned for his impeccable style, which he shows off on his @mrabove Instagram. Woody isn’t afraid to take chances with fashion and his 178k IG followers definitely approve. Whether he’s rocking a sharp suit or showing off the impressive street style that sets him apart, he’s a reality TV icon who inspires. His taste is elevated, so he always chooses designs that feature interesting and flattering colors. He’s also brave enough to wear bold patterns that show his confidence. This fan-favorite has worn some amazing outfits, and he makes fashion fun.

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Woody and Amani captivated the public when they appeared on the show, which was set in New Orleans. While reality fans love drama, they also appreciate a good love story that doesn’t feature arguments, bitterness, and an inevitable breakup. The Married At First Sight success rate isn’t exactly stellar. The show has a 70% divorce rate, compared to a 39% divorce rate for all of America, according to 2020 figures from Business Insider. In light of the dismal odds, Woody and Amani’s capacity to connect really endeared them to viewers. Woody made Amani believe in unconditional love. The two have modeled together, so they share a penchant for posing in glam attire. Woody says that modeling makes him feel like James Bond.

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Some people shy away from plaid, but Woody embraces its traditional beauty. As seen below, he pulls off a polished plaid look with remarkable ease. On Instagram, he shows his playful attitude as he shares his outfit with his followers. His fans love to chime in on his fashion choices in the comments. He layers a plaid car coat featuring earthy shades of brown over a soft and cozy turtleneck in dove gray, creating a look that’s tailor-made for cooler days. To keep the look from being too formal, Woody (who makes his money as a coach and teacher) opts for dark jeans. However, he does add a bit of glam with polished brown shoes and jewelry.

While he clearly loves to dress up (and we love him for doing it), Woody also has a knack for adding luxe to casual looks. In the IG pic below, he rocks a soothing neutral palette, and the monochromatic look is surprisingly rich. The t-shirt and joggers seem simple, but they feature a velvety finish that gives them a little street-style edge. While he’s chilling on a boat rather than styling on a sidewalk, the overall vibe is ultra-cool, with a touch of high fashion flair. He accessorizes with two gold pendants. a black baseball cap, and black kicks.

Plaid has become something of a signature for the happily married reality star. He doesn’t always go for the earth tones we showcased earlier. Sometimes, he goes pastel for a more dreamy and romantic feel. In the Instagram photo below, he looks sharp, pulled together, and creative. He styles the pale blue plaid look with electric blue loafers… because why not? The pop of bright color is just what this outfit needs. Woody is able to put together interesting outfits that fans appreciate, and he deserves praise for pushing the fashion envelope. Whether he’s showing off new braids that he loves or flaunting a new outfit, he does it with a joyful spirit that’s infectious.

Married At First Sight viewers who miss Woody should definitely follow him on Instagram, and follow Amani, too, because he does tend to pop up in his loving wife’s IG posts. Also, fans should be sure to check out the Woody and Amani Randall YouTube channel, where the reality legends love to do a little unboxing. While other happy MAFS couples may capture the public’s attention, few will feature a partner as stylish as Woody Randall.

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