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Xbox Live Down At Worst Possible Time Of Coronavirus Quarantine

Xbox Live Down

While the world is dealing with the great Coronavirus outbreak, it’s the best idea to seat at home and stream your favourite shows or play your favourite games. Playing games with your online friends is cool in this health apocalypse, but it could be worst if you cannot play with your online friends.

Yes, if you are playing games on Xbox Live, then you will get disappointment as the Xbox Live server has gone down on Sunday around 5:00 PM EDT. Once the server went down, more than ten thousands of gamers reported on DownDetector’s tracker starting at around 4:00 PM EDT on Sunday, and by 4:30. 

After a number of complaints reported by many Xbox gamers, the official Xbox Support Twitter profile announced that “some users” were experiencing errors and also said that their engineer team is now working on to fix the issue as soon as possible “We understand some users may be experiencing errors with sign in or matching making on Xbox Live, and are currently investigating. Please check back here for details.”

The worst thing is that even the Xbox Live status page on the official Xbox website page is not opening quickly and taking around 10-12 minutes to load on the Google Chrome browser. 

Once the number of complaints reported by users, the Xbox Team started working to fix the issue as soon as possible and then after three hours of downtime, the Xbox Live service came out to be up and started working efficiently around 7:36 PM EDT. Also, the Xbox Support website is back online, but one notification at the top of the page is still saying that “Xbox Live services are having issues.” So the worst part of the day is now over since the problem solved and everyone started playing games on Xbox Live platform. 

Hope now you are also seating on the couch and playing Xbox Live games with some online friends to avoid going outside due to the COVID-19 outbreak. I guess it’s the best idea t get in touch with an online friend instead of real-world touch in this horrible Coronavirus pandemic. Please do share your thoughts about the COVID-19 in your areas? How are you guys dealing with it? Feel free to share everything in the comment box!

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