Yup, [SPOILER] Dies in the ‘Supernatural’ Series Finale, and People Have Thoughts

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After 15 entire seasons, Supernatural is coming to an finish tonight. Followers had been supplied a Supernatural documentary particular, Supernatural: The Lengthy Street House, which aired at eight p.m. EST as a technique to heat up for the ultimate episode (or maybe to melt the blow that was coming). However irrespective of how ready we thought we is likely to be, we might by no means actually be able to say goodbye to Supernatural. This implies saying goodbye to brothers Sam and Dean. Ceaselessly. And that is simply not okay. 

For individuals who have watched or are presently watching and have questions, it is in all probability about Dean. Dean suffers a tragic destiny. However earlier than we get into that, we simply need to formally provide you with spoiler warning. If you have not watched “Carry On” or aren’t ready to know what occurs within the episode, then cease studying and are available again later. 

Does Dean die in ‘Supernatural’?

Yup, Dean dies within the finale of Supernatural. Dean’s dying is oddly not very epic. Sam and Dean are simply doing their factor, searching a vampire, discovering a nest — you realize, identical old-same outdated. However then Dean runs right into a nail, and it kills him. “It is all the time been you and me,” Dean tells Sam earlier than he dies. However earlier than Dean dies, he asks Sam to inform him it is OK to let go, which Sam does. Sam lives out the remainder of his grownup life, has a son named Dean (aw), after which is reunited with Dean in heaven after he dies.

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Though it is heartwarming to see Dean and Sam as soon as once more reunited as soon as Sam dies, most followers are past pissed that Dean died due to a freakin’ nail. Many felt just like the writing was sloppy and that the dying was fairly unsatisfying given how iconic of a personality Dean Winchester is. “ARE YOU TELLING ME DEAN WINCHESTER IS GOING TO DIE LIKE THIS?” one individual exclaimed on Twitter. Yup, that’s positively how Dean dies. We’re sorry.

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After which there’s the entire thing with Cas sacrificing himself for Dean and admitting he liked him, solely to have Dean die virtually instantly after Cas dies. “cas admitted his love for dean after which killed himself in an effort to save dean’s life and dean rewarded him by dying A WEEK LATER,” one individual tweeted. While you put it that manner…yeah, that is not cool. 

And what about Eileen? Come on. (We needed to make that joke.)

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Perhaps followers ought to have simply written the finale, as a result of this ending sounds good to us:

There are some viewers on the market who thought Dean’s destiny was becoming. “Dean spent his entire life since he was FOUR caring for sam and placing his needs & wants above his personal defending him from john and spn actually had solely sam get to dwell a full comfortable life wtf kinda manner of honoring a essential character’s story is that after 15 seasons,” one fan argued.

Jared Padalecki himself admitted that the finale script made him extremely emotional. “I believe I cried each time I learn the script,” he stated, and stood by how Supernatural ended, per Leisure Weekly.

Nevertheless you’re feeling in regards to the ending, it is throughout now. Goodbye, Supernatural. We had been with you till the very finish.

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